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Spektrumisty of all countries, unite

Blog Yandex 05.07.2019 at 06:50

Blog Yandex

One of the most popular exhibits in our Museum's computers — the ZX Spectrum. Near it stops almost all visitors. Those who are younger, attracted by the appearance of the machine: "Look, the keyboard is embedded a computer and a cassette player!". (The Museum is ZX Spectrum +2, which cassette drive is inside the case.) For older guests "spectrum" — thing from my youth: someone wrote on the first Sinclair BASIC program, and someone who used to spend hours playing Elite, Dizzy, R-Type and Saboteur.

In the early 1990s, the spectrum really could be seen everywhere and has become for many the first home computer. Most, however, was not the English original, and one of the many clones — copies of the informal spectrum. They were assembled from parts available at local electronic factories and sold as finished products — with names like "the Hobbit", "breeze" or "Nafanya" — or sets-of designers.

ZX Spectrum +2 in the Store and the Museum Yandex

the popularity of the "Spectrum" provided low price, color support, availability of components — as a monitor to use a TV and as a storage home cassette recorder — and an abundance of programs, primarily games. On spectrum ported almost all contemporary hits, from "Karateka" to "Mario". For it was written and many of the original games — including and in Russian, from domestic developers.

the Computer lives until it released the software. We want the spectrum continued to live, so we declare Yandex Retro Games Battle — a competition to develop games for the spectrum with cash prizes.

With the contest, we, first, want to support the community of enthusiasts-spektrumistov who restore old cars, and continue to write programs for them. Secondly, we hope for someone's contest will be an occasion to remember their children's interests. Finally, we believe that the creation of games for ancient computers with very modest hardware capabilities — an interesting technical challenge, and in a sense, and a separate art.

the Screenshot of the game R-Type, released for the ZX Spectrum in 1988

the competition is open For games of any genre: arcade, platformer, strategy — everything, on what the imagination will suffice. The main condition — the game must be original and start on a ZX Spectrum with 48 or 128 kilobytes of memory. To participate in the contest, you need to leave the application on the competition website and send the game to 3 December.

the Winners will be chosen by the jury — it includes programmers, designers and musicians working on games for the spectrum and remained faithful to this platform. Games will be judged on three criteria: gameplay, graphics and sound. The author of the best games will get 70 thousand rubles. The reward for second and third places will amount to 40 thousand and 30 thousand, respectively. We will also hand out the audience award. All the games you can play on the contest website and vote for their favorite and the Creator of the game that gets the most votes, will receive 30 thousand rubles.

If you want to play games for spectrum not in the emulator and in person, come to the Museum Yandex. We have a ZX Spectrum +2 and two clones of Soviet production. The Museum is open every day except Monday, from 10 to 19 hours.

Every two or three weeks we spend in the Museum theme nights with the participation of engineers and programmers. The next evening will be held on July 12 — Viktor Fights, a collector of old computers, will give a lecture "Tehnoparkovaya. Notes of life collector computers." To sign up for a lecture on the Museum's website.

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