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Benefits for personal income tax entered into force retroactively. What workers need to return the money?

Question - answer - Legal advice 01.07.2019 at 16:57

Question - answer - Legal advice

In connection with changes in legislation, which apply to all preferential payments to natural persons from 1 January 2019, accountants will have to return workers unduly withheld NDFL and to adjust the calculation of the budget. What payments are affected? What happened? Entered into force amendments to the Tax code of the Russian Federation, signed by President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Introduced new tax breaks on income of physical persons in the form of exemption from certain payments for the benefit of citizens. Exemption from taxation of such income applies from 1 January 2019, that is the period when the tax has already been deducted and transferred to the budget. Now I want him back if the right to compensation arose after 1 January 2018.