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Overview of trading ideas in major currency pairs on 1.07.2019

Portal Forex trader 30.06.2019 at 19:46

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Hello. let's see what interesting to trade in the Forex market at the beginning of the new trading week 1.07.2019


On a pair USDCAD price formed a pattern Pin bar after Bouncing off the level 1,30500. Probably start with this correction, after a good and almost recoilless fall. Buy here do not consider, as they are against the trend. Sale will look into the area of 1.3200 levels.


On the Gold price is stuck in a level 1415,08 and formed another Pin bar. I think that without a correction down then no cost and expect the fall in district 1365,90. Sales here do not consider, as they are against the trend.

the Fundamental news Asia-Pacific Hang Seng 0.28% and the Shanghai Composite is 0.6%, the Shenzhen Composite 0.96% for the Nikkei — 0.29 percent, the KOSPI IS 0.17%, the S&P/ASX 200 — 0,71%

At the last session of the week Asian investors decided not to go away for the weekend in the positions of G-20 summit, on the sidelines of which should be decided about the fate of a trade war between the US and China. This caused a sharp drop in the indexes on all stock exchanges in the Asia Pacific region.

As already known, the summit brought a truce in the war, the acceleration of the process of concluding a trade agreement between the US and Japan, and on Sunday, Donald trump met with the leader of the DPRK in the demilitarized zone.

the news play the markets this morning, given the economic indicators are:

Tankan Index Japan PMI China President people's Bank of China

the stock Exchange of Hong Kong in the morning closed for a public holiday.

the U.S. Dow Jones + 0.28% and the S&P500; + 0,58% NASDAQ + 0,48 %

American investors finished the week with a positive attitude, the assurances of trump in a high probability of the transaction with China and growth in consumer incomes, higher than analysts ' expectations.

Today the dollar and the trend in stock markets will determine the index:

16-45 – 17-00 PMI, US – employment from 17-00 ISM – PMI from ISM

Exchange Canada will be closed due to state holiday.

the Eurozone CAC40 + 0,83% FTSE + 0.31 percent at the close of 1.04% Official statement of the European Commissioner for trade Cecilia Malmström on the conclusion of an agreement with MERCOSUR

on Friday, the European Commission celebrated the victory – conclusion of a free trade agreement MERCOSUR. The EU, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay spent 20 years to abolish fees and to negotiate about free access to technology within the new Union. Investors have appreciated the efforts of the outgoing Commission President, tomorrow may be a decision on the new head of the EC.

in the morning come news:

9-30 – retail sales Switzerland 10-15 – 10-30 PMI Spain PMI Switzerland 10-45– 10-50 PMI Italy PMI France 10-55 – unemployment Germany 11-00 – 11-30 PMI Eurozone – unemployment Eurozone

regards, Artem aka TeaDrinker

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