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"From Russia with love": Kate Desnitskaya. Princess of Siam

Article 25.06.2019 at 15:30

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When the heir to the Thai throne became interested in a Russian lady, the light looked at it skeptically. Prince Chakrapong was known as a boulevardier and experienced seducer. It was quite understandable, because in the harem of his father, king Rama, contained over seven hundred women. Only when he expressed a desire to change their faith and accept Christianity, society worried.

Lyudmila Larionova, author of "Katya and the Prince of Siam", associate Professor, MGIMO: "she had luxurious brown hair with a Golden tint, blue eyes and absolutely adorable face."

the Prince was of small stature, had an exotic Asian appearance and a yellowish color of the skin. However, his Highness was brilliantly educated, perfectly fluent in Russian and was fabulously rich.

Nothing in the biography of a poor noblewoman promised her the future well-being and luxury. In early childhood she was left without a father, and when she was 15, died and the mother. Kate was a complete orphan, in the care of his brother.

Irina Fomicheva, senior researcher, Institute of Oriental studies: "They settled in St. Petersburg, and Kate enrolled in a nursing course. Then it was fashionable among the girls to have some socially useful occupation".

Who introduced an impoverished noblewoman with a real Prince? What gave gifts to his Highness his lover, to conquer her proud heart? They had to overcome to have their Union finally recognized officially? Unique photos, interesting details and memories to a foreign Prince and his Russian wife. Comment writers, historians and psychologists.

by the Way, romance of Katya and Chakrabon formed the basis of the novel Paustovsky "early years".

the series "From Russia with love" — after the broadcast on the website Domashnego!

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