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Sergey Peregudov: for the mind and soul

Article 01.07.2019 at 12:27

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Of the huge number of different scenarios, any artist has to choose. But, according to the actor, it's not just a job, it's life. And if you do not get pleasure from the game, the audience it will definitely feel. That's out of this alloy of love for the work and for the joy of it and get the characters Peregudova. At the same time and incredible light and upbeat, and complex, deep and serious.

To become an actor Sergey Peregudov refused serious and promising economic education. The people making such decisions are usually considered to be superficial, only time shows who is really just stupid and who is willing to risk for the sake of another – close to you and present. The actor grew up in the North, and started learning in the Sunny city of Volzhskiy Humanitarian Institute. On the Volga still live his parents, a loving son if possible happy tour. But for the artistic education he went in the cold Peter. After Spbgati, Peregudov joined the troupe of the theatre named after Lensoviet, where he worked for about fifteen years.

the Theatre is by definition high art, but cinema is a more popular genre. However, in a number of films the actor from the start began to appear the names of the Directors, the work which the young artist can only dream of. Alexander Sokurov, Dmitry Meskhiev, Viktor Merezhko allowed the talent to reveal themselves to the public. To date, downtime, the actor is not complaining. In the filmography of Sergei Peregudova more than seventy works. Among them there are those that make you smile and ones that make you think.


So another is called Nikita of Beskudnikovo – a successful businessman. But the problem is that the character Nikita devilish streak too. It hurts business and worried about his friend and partner, the charming and more flexible Stas (Peregudov). He turns to psychologist to help Beskudnikovo to get rid of the outbreaks of anger and rage.


Victoria's Husband Volodya Som forced to resign from the army, so finds another job. But this is a dangerous service contract on the hot front East of the country. It happens that, what are all the military wife – Som is missing. The wife is not going to put up with this terrible news and goes looking.

the Perfect marriage

Natasha was almost married, but in time found out about the infidelity. However, to go out of your way a successful business woman is not going to. She needs a child, as the years are running out. And then on her way comes across weird and very much independent geek Grisha. Well, what if there is no love, but Gregory smart and physically healthy. Enough decides to Natalia.


Kirill for years rather plays the role of a husband than it is. However, in the eyes of his wife, he swears eternal love, but the eyes meets with his mistress. Men do not like to change something until it suits women.

the House of sleeping beauties

the Marina is not suited for life in the village, and for real life at all. But she had to go to godforsaken village to shoot a new project and earn a little extra money the family needed the money. In addition to impassable roads and impassable thickets live here and unfriendly people. So it seems at first glance a local resident Andrei, who does not want to save the damsel from the complexities of the village of being.

the Bride with refills

by chance, the usual cashier to become the bride of a wealthy groom. He lost his memory and is willing to believe that was going to marry this beauty. Only one person suspects something to be wrong – the groom's brother Stas (Peregudov).

Valka's misfortune

Misha loves Valya, but she does not like Misha's mother Larisa. Taking the opportunity, she assures the son that his wife gave birth to one of the children is not from him but from the lover. Starts the whole investigation is not in favor of unsuspecting Valentina. And mom is ready for Misha and a new bride. See the show on 18 July at 19:00.