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Earthlings have given 50 years to correct - all - popular 10.07.2019 at 00:40 80 years on the Internet

After the solar Eclipse of July 2, 2019 in the world things started to happen like something is quite wrong: the first person super powers cancel/appoint meetings, deploying aircraft, we have a security briefing. Persons in countries of lower grade make formidable political statements on the topic of “punch there, punch here.” The military move troops, and the planet moves the lithosphere and California shakes day after day – all in America with horror, waiting for the Big One.

In light of these developments deteriorated the situation on the world bloodrose, because people understand that behind the scenes something is happening and the world is defined is coming, something big and scary.

is Called even estimated date if not the end of the World, is definitely the beginning of some apocalyptic changes, considered to begin sometime July 17-21, in which The End Times Forecaster promises the repetition of the 47–day cycle of earthquakes.

on the background of these dramatic expectations one of the readers The End Times Forecaster, Mr nick PhildeFervspomnil one known to all of us the prophecy that we, to my shame, over years, a little rusty for this prophecy as much as 1969, the year. This prophecy says that the July 20, 2019 the world will likely be destroyed.

the Author of the prophecy – Mr. Chico Xavier that translated as Bling Xavier, Chico Xavier, Chico Xavier, and so forth. But essentially it does not change.

Chico Xavier was the greatest Brazilian psychic and a writer wrote more than 400 books, and, by his own admission he wrote it all under the dictation of some supernatural creatures from other dimensions. Since the audience in these statements, had the right to doubt, Mr. Xavier gave her a couple of books, written under the dictation of long-dead great philosophers and poets from different parts of the world. And all the criticism from linguistic experts when it read, we were very cold: the texts were indistinguishable from the styles of the originals.

How to write a biography of Chico Xavier, he predicted the date of his death, saying that “this will happen on a day when Brazil will rejoice”. Died Chico Xavier June 30, 2002 – the day when Brazil became a 5–time world champion on football and the whole country about it were on the ears. And this is just one of the last predictions of the medium.

the same Prophecy, which is now in question was made in 1969, and in General terms (it is given in several books), the situation is as follows.

the Earth, due to the occurring in it of bad events (the constant wars, oppression of people etc.) spreads across the Galaxy, negative aura and advanced creatures that enter the battlefield physically feel the planet appear to be trash, which worries everyone.

So, on the eve 1969, the first year living here influential Papuans aliens helped to build a nuclear weapon, that they, without attracting too much forces and means, themselves arranged exterminatus – that is, cleaning the planet from tormenting nature and each other evil bipeds.

However, on 20 July 1969, the year on some important space Council defeated a faction of humanists and gave the Earthmen 50 years to correct a condition: if they fix it and everything will be Ok aura – will be admitted to the Galactic Federation and will distribute all of the cookies (technology, tablets from all diseases and other cool devices), but if people are not corrected, then the planet will be cleaned up of basalt. Deadline for corrections: July 20, 2019.

for More details about the situation says a quote from the book:

...After the heavenly meeting other Christs goodness of Jesus decided to give one last chance community Terran, recent moratorium on the current civilization on Earth. All the karmic requirements, scheduled for the end of the twentieth century, was later suspended by the Grace of God that our world was the last chance for moral progress.

it is Curious that we find in the Gospels and in revelation it is this current period in which we live, as the eleventh hour or the last hour or even last minute call.

“I asked him what then was the discussion of Jesus?”, and he said, “Our Lord has decided to impose a moratorium of 50 years of earthly society, which will start on 20 July 1969 and, thus, will end in July 2019”.

Thus, Jesus commanded that his heavenly emissaries are more directly involved in the maintenance of peace among peoples and Nations of the earth, so that people cooperate, so we entered quickly into a planetary community of the Solar system as a more spiritual world.

Some of the angelic forces of other spheres in our solar system feared the postponement of the additional period, and it was then that Jesus, in his wisdom, decided to create the conditions for individuals and peoples at the forefront of the globe. According to the proposal of Christ, the most developed nation and leaders of the Earth must learn to tolerate each other, respecting differences, refraining from nuclear war and total destruction.

the Earth must at all costs to avoid a Third world war. According to the decision of Christ, if and only if the earthly Nations during this 50–year period to learn the art of good living and brotherhood, avoiding a war of nuclear destruction, the earthly world will be finally admitted to the planetary community of the Solar system.

If we let go we will reach the solution of all its social and other problems. Thus, poverty and hunger will disappear, will be offered the treatment of all diseases of the physical body with genetic manipulation. The earth person will have full access to information and culture, all technologies known to this Galaxy. Finally, we will face a new world with totally new and modified Land.

If the mankind will decide to go down the wrong path, a Third world war, a nuclear war will be inevitable. It will be a war with unpredictable and disastrous consequences, when Mother Earth under the auspices of the great Life will react to centuries of violence against nature of the local “scientists.” The third world war will of man, but will finish its Nature for the Earth is tired of human beings.

And when the Earth suddenly Wake up, we are faced with unprecedented earthquakes and tsunamis, we see explosions of sleeping volcanoes and improving the world. Explode Etna, Yellowstone and baekdu, which in minutes will destroy millions of lives. Then begin to explode oil storage tanks and pipelines, adding your degree to this apocalyptic scenario. Then will come the cold, hunger, and volcanic ash, which is still radioactive. The Northern hemisphere will be uninhabitable.

Further, since the Northern hemisphere of the planet will become uninhabitable, and large migration flows will move to the southern hemisphere, where our Brazil. Americans, Canadians and Mexicans will take the States of the Northern region of the country, as well capturing Colombia and Venezuela. The Europeans occupied the southern States of Brazil, adding to them, combining them to Uruguay, Argentina and Chile. Asians will occupy our Midwest, as well as Paraguay, Bolivia and Peru. And finally, the North–Eastern States of Brazil are occupied by the Russian.....

Mr. Chico Xavier for Brazilians a kind of local Saint, who many believe thoroughly. However, we are not illiterate Brazilian peasants, and to all a critical concern, particularly to the telepathic broadcasts a different kind of “light forces”.

As practice shows, only mister Darth Vader honestly and openly admitted that he is a guy the dark came to kill. But everyone else, including presidents from other peace-loving countries, are doing exactly the same thing, but consider themselves somehow to light. Paradox.

on the other hand, the information of Mr. Chico Xavier issued already in July 1969, the year explains great events in July 2019, which no one can explain. For example, observed for several years, the migration of the continent of North America – it's somewhere to go and go. Still somehow climb in Africa and in Venezuela.

Especially surprising the Chinese are investing billions in African ports and in the development of the “African business”. And at the same time in Europe as in the US, the elite has radically dispensed with all the infrastructure, abiding by the principle “after us though a grass not to grow.” Paris, the capital of Europe for hundreds of years, near all the metropolis of the Emirates now looks like crap village. And the same goes for Russia, Britain and the United States – the entire infrastructure of the Northern Hemisphere hangs on the nozzle, as if she already agreed to mutually burn.

And then people suddenly remember this prophecy. Yes, and the date – July 20. There is a reason to strain even those who in life is not strained. Not the fact, of course, that directly on 20 July, all starts, but in light of Mr. Chico Xavier here already anything can happen.

Following the developments, hoping that by August the world will be a means that further will allow to follow everything.

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