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Ideas for a photo shoot in the style of a hippie

Wedding and family photographer 08.07.2019 at 11:15

Michael noses

What do you associate With the word hippie? Personally, I have freedom, a touch of rebellion and ease.

If you want an interesting and unusual way, take a look to this style. About how to create it, what not to forget and how to prepare, see below.

What to wear

For imaging particular attention should be paid to the clothing and makeup.

For a photo shoot in hippie style is characterized by natural fabrics, colors and designs. Forget about synthetic clothes, because it is completely contrary to the concept of this direction.

Clothing: jeans clothing casual: the flared trousers, skirts, vests, shorts. Ideally, if it will be bright, though faded, tone, fading; linen garments: shirts, sundresses, slacks, long dresses; clothing with floral and ethnic ornaments; cotton tunics, tunics to the floor; things knit.

For clothing in hippie style, distinctive layering, combining soft and tough fabrics (cotton and denim), bright prints, small patterns, fringe, numerous patches, patches.

Accessories: belts: leather and textile, belt, big earrings and bracelets in a large number; beads-necklaces, pendants with the symbols of the world; jewelry stones; of large rings on multiple fingers; braided jewelry; bandanas; headbands; large simple brooches; open shoes, sandals, wicker items; jewelry for the ankles; sunglasses in retro style. Hair and make-up:

keep a neat styling for another shooting. Photo shoot in hippie style involves loose hair or braids, which are woven laces, beads, ribbons. Look good curls, soft fleece.

to Decorate hairstyle can also cross tape, bird feather or floral wreath.

preferably sudovy Makeup – enough to highlight eyebrows, eyelashes and add blush to the cheekbones. Give up the bright lipsticks and expressive shadows.

What to bring

as attributes of the photo shoot in hippie style suitable musical instruments: guitar, harmonica, tambourine, djembe (drum) and other "outdoorsy".

will look Great in a frame fire, which is brewed tea or mulled wine (combine pleasant and useful!).

If you have a dog, take her to a photo shoot with me.

Grab an old shabby suitcase: after all, hippie is a synonym for traveling!

Where to take

photo Shoot in hippie style a good nature (not Studio).

This can be a place near water (river, lake), meadow or sown field.

For the background fit haystacks, homemade wooden fence, stockade.

will be happy to advise on all matters of photography and stylized shoots!

Record the photo shoot by phone 8 927 333 8535 . (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram)

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