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#dangerprone account went into the negative, or What is overdraft themes of the day 03.07.2019 at 05:05

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Visitors to the often complain in the "people's rating" of the overdraft and the fee for it. What it is, where account is taken of the negative amount, and why you have to pay?

the Overdraft on the debit card is "overrun". That is, the Bank allows the client to go in the negative. Not free, of course. In fact the overdraft is a type of short loan. For him the interest and delay is subject to penalties and interest.

the Allowed overdraft

the Overdraft may be authorized and technical. The allowed overdraft is the one that was connected to your desire. Connect the overdraft on the stage of card issuance, or after filing an application to the Bank. Of course, if the credit institution offers this service to its customers. After receiving your application, the Bank will analyze how much money is available on the map, with some regularity, and will determine the amount of overdraft available to you.

it Should be noted that the interest on the overdraft is much higher than a classic loan or credit card. But if the "overrun" is extinguished quickly, the overpayment will be small. Some banks offer overdraft with grace period (usually 30 days). If you repay the debt within this time, interest is not charged.

the Fact Technical overdraft

"Overspending" can happen even if you are connected to the appropriate service. Then it is a technical overdraft or techover. It can occur because of the functioning of payment systems, Bank error, or your forgetfulness:

You do not consider the exchange difference. Suppose the customer pays the ruble card abroad. Money at the time of purchase is sufficient, but payment may take a few days, and if the ruble fell, the money on the card may not be enough. The Bank mistakenly debits from your account the same amount twice. You forgot to replenish the account before the Bank has written off the Commission for annual service. Or removed money from the last card in the ATM of another Bank and did not pay attention to that kind of operation contemplated by the Commission.

Some banks do not impose any sanctions for unauthorized overdraft, while others set their fees and techover. The rates it can reach 50% per annum. To avoid trouble, first, you need to find out beforehand what your contract stipulates in case of a technical overdraft. Second, techover best to avoid — it is necessary to monitor the status of the account and keep the map small balance just in case.

Ad unit Overdraft of a writ of execution

In 2014, in Perm there was an interesting case. Bailiffs under enforcement proceedings has decided to collect from the debtor the amount of withholding it from the Bank account. Of money to the debtor for the debit card was not, so the Bank took it, having it as unauthorized overdraft. Some time later the Bank went to court to get the money back, interest and penalties.

In 2019, the Supreme court sided with the Permian and agreed that any credit, including overdraft, should be spelled out in the contract with the client. Failure to comply with this condition minus the client can not leave.

Overdraft facility for business

Convenient type of lending overdraft can become for entrepreneurs who often need quick money to replenish working capital and eliminate the cash gap. Limits and terms of overdraft on business accounts more than personal. While rates may be lower than the loan. However, you should pay special attention to the additional fee. For example, the Bank may charge a separate fee for the provision of each new overdraft loan.