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Infographics how the power changed in the Bank "East" themes of the day 03.07.2019 at 11:13

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The Founder of Baring Vostok Michael Calvey is no longer Chairman of the Board of Directors (BOD) of the Bank "East". It was replaced by Svetlana trukhanovich, who worked with Artem Avetisyan in the Bank "Uniastrum". So "East" has completed the formation of the main body control after the arrest of Kabir and other representatives of Baring Vostok.

the Association of Uniastrum Bank and "East" was completed in January 2017. Since then, lenders have had four Chairman of the Board and five appointees of the Board of Directors.

In February 2019 was arrested the head of the Board of Directors Michael Calvey and his colleagues at the Baring Vostok and SD. They are accused of embezzlement of funds of the credit institution. In law enforcement agencies then approached by another top Manager of "Eastern" — Sherzod Yusupov. Media linked these events with the corporate conflict between the main shareholders — Baring Vostok and "Vinvin" Artem Avetisyan.

In April, the "East" was proposed for consideration by the Board of Directors the question of changing the Chairman of the Bank Alexander Nesterenko. But the meeting broke: the only independent member of the Board Nikolai Varma has applied on voluntary retirement.

the structure of the Baring Vostok and they are suing in London and Blagoveshchensk. In may the Arbitration court of Amur region ordered Evison, structure Baring Vostok, to perform a number of the option and to sell 9.99% of shares of the Bank "East" of "Finviz". 18 Jun option was executed. Before the transaction the Fund Baring Vostok via Evison owned 51.6% of "East" and "Pinvin", Yusupov and other minority shareholders to Yuri Danilov — 40%.

on 28 June at the annual General meeting of shareholders of "Vostochny", it was decided to form a new Board of Directors. However, the progress of the procedure and its results did not suit the shareholders — they accused each other of sabotage.


Infographic: Darya BELENKAYA,