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The Bank in your head themes of the day 05.07.2019 at 05:37

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Of the Credit organizations set up laboratories to invent new methods of influence on customers. What are they invent?

Large banks are exploring a variety of techniques for the most efficient interaction with clients. Some report publicly, others prefer not to disclose the details. So, the savings Bank this year announced the creation of the Laboratory of neurosciences and behavior, which will carry out research in neurophysiology, social psychology and cognitive science, and implement the results of scientific research in everyday practice of companies of Sberbank group. The supervisor of the laboratory has become a well-known scientist Andrew Joyce brothers here.

One of the methods that banks actively explore and implement, is psihoterapiya: customers are divided into types depending on personal characteristics, and the Bank chooses the means of communication with them depending on psychological type.

"All the major banks are now using customer segmentation on psycho. Who is that experiments at the level of pilot projects, and someone who already uses at work. But all are reluctant to talk about it. Psihoterapie allows you to configure point communication with the client in all service channels: e-banking, contact centres, offices. For example, the dashboard interface may differ depending on who uses it. The brochure will also be filled in depending on which segment it is addressed. Very often, the Bank defines who is the core of its target audience, and based on this developing method of communication", — said General Director of "Lab of brain" Elena Serebrova.

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Surveyed credit institutions — Sberbank, MKB Bank, Raiffeisen Bank, "Eastern" and "Opening" — confirmed that they use psihoterapie or are exploring the possibility of segmenting customers on psycho.

"the Bank started to use differentiation on psychological profiles of customers last year. Then we conducted pilot personalized offers for individual customers based on consumer behavior. The results of the pilot demonstrated improved efficiency vysokotarifitsirovannyh mailings compared to generalist advertising messages. This year the same thing we plan to do in the segment of small and medium-sized businesses. In the long term, we expect to use the typing in the offices to adjust sales tactics and customer service," — said the member of the management Board, head of IT unit of the Bank "Opening" Sergey Rusanov. According to him, for the widespread introduction of psihoterapiya requires a lot of resources and the development of the necessary ecosystem. The distribution of the collection of biometric data will contribute to the widespread application of psychographic analysis: lending, client service and personnel matters. "This will enable the Bank to make customer service faster and more convenient," — said Rusanov.

"the Bank deals with this issue a number of units. The goal is creating a better customer experience", — have informed in the savings Bank.

"We're constantly looking for new ideas to personalize content, so I decided to test the binds, using methods psihoterapiya personality. We noted that the group of clients belonging to different psychological types have totally different transactional and financial behaviour. Test use in marketing communication content, taking into account the psycho clients has enabled us to improve response on products by 20%," — said head of customer relationship management, Analytics and strategy development clients of Raiffeisenbank Maria Komissarova.

According to the head of Department of digital projects of the ICD Viktor Kovyazin, the Bank is testing several methods of psihoterapiya. "In this direction today, we piloted two approaches: segmentation based on user behavior on the Internet (model that includes 10 of psychological types) and psihoterapiya on the basis of transaction activity, where we distinguish four main types and further segment them on the floor," he said.

a Similar pilot conducted and the Bank "East". "We are working in this direction and we believe it is promising, however, are in the very beginning. Recently a pilot was carried out on the basis of customer segmentation on psychological types, which proposed and prepared by the external partner of the Bank. The main goal of our study was to determine the impact of individual communications, based on psychological type of the client, in response to the suggestions of the Bank. Proposed partner segmentation psycho included the following customer groups: remoteness, affection, expressiveness, etc. The results are not so unambiguous, however, you can definitely say that development of segmentation for the high psycho potential", — said the Director for work with clients "Eastern" Cyril Socratic.

However, such projects are not always implemented successfully. "Our Bank has tried to divide customers using socionics. Based on this methodology, it was identified four major groups. But the project did not fly," — said is a specialist in marketing one of the largest Russian retail banks.

"Mod" or "conservative"?

To psihoterapiya you can apply different methodology, including socionics, but not in pure form, but rather the author's development, says Elena Serebrova. "We do segmentation on psychological types based on consumer behavior, the unconscious consumer scenarios. For example, the type, which we define as a "mod" will be willing to follow the opinion leaders and "innovators", on the contrary, will look at these recommendations with disdain. Depending on psychotype of the person will be more willing to accept rational arguments or to make impulsive, spontaneous decision," she points out.

According to the General Director of the "Laboratory" of the brain, to determine the type of human perception of the advertising message and its response for several minutes, asking a number of questions. "What is most important is the behavioral response, not an emotional or a rational assessment. It is formed from the properties of the Central nervous system, the socio-cultural environment and familiar response. According to the latest confirmed scientific data, leading human characteristics remain practically unchanged throughout his life. After introducing segmentation, sales can increase significantly, increased satisfaction with the product or service and as a nice bonus, there is a reduction in the cost of customer acquisition," adds Serebrova.

On the different methods of determination of psychological types says Director of sales office "BCS" Vyacheslav Abramov. "For example, the Big 5 implies that the person goes five traits: openness to learning, conscientiousness, extraversion, friendliness and neuroticism. Based on psihoterapiya, you can highlight important personality characteristics such as introversion and extroversion. Introverts tend to want to minimize communication and any contacts, especially with strangers. Extroverts, conversely, are open to communication, quite easily are involved in it. And of course, with people who are open to something new, it's easier to build relationships," he notes.

the Definition of psycho and the division of people into groups is important and is widely used at the stage of marketing and PR, for different types of people developed different types of promotional products, said the Deputy Chairman of the Board Loko-Bank Andrey lyushin. "In addition to the classical division according to the principle of open and closed, the confident and the insecure customer, also takes into account the type of perception, which is why organizations still have not abandoned print booklets and brochures, advertising on TV and radio. Certainly, a good consultant needs to understand what kind of customer he is talking, and to adapt to it," said the lyushin.

Take and share?

Psihoterapie in banks is the result of several powerful processes, says the head of a group of analysts CAPT (Center Analytics and financial technology) mark in real. "On the one hand, intensified competition in the banking sector, increases the importance of the work characteristics of customers. On the other rapidly developing analytical technologies, digital data processing systems. In such circumstances, financial institutions naturally come to the necessity and possibility of deep segregation of clients, including not only gender, age, level of income, but also on the psychological type of personality," he says.

According to Goihman, in lending analysis of the psychological type of personality allows you to more efficiently carry out the scoring and to determine the risks of non-repayment of loans, and in client services banks gives you the ability to customize the products offered, the selection of the Manager under the type a specific person to create a comfortable and trusting relationship.

However, psihoterapie is not working in all channels and not with all products, warns Viktor Kovyazin from the ICD. "For example, offers credit channel of communication and the timeliness of the proposal plays a much bigger role. For large companies and banks, customer segmentation is a hygienic minimum, and psihoterapiya is just one of the approaches. In advertising campaigns the lack of segmentation (eg, gender, age, behavioral characteristics) critically affects the cost of the application, and in communication with the current base it is a bit complicated. Clients that select a specific Bank and a specific product or service, can have a similar profile, additional segmentation inside which will not bring the desired results. Clients of different ages, using the same product may have identical model behavior," he said.