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Personal experience: open an account if you can themes of the day 08.07.2019 at 13:45

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To Open a brokerage account and start trading on the stock exchange is now possible from the comfort of home. tested online services of the leading investment companies and banks.

Managers of banks and brokerage companies lure new customers, promising them a fabulous return. With the development of online services become an investor easier. Especially in the last year on the Moscow exchange earned technology online registration, enabling you to access to trading in just a few minutes after application. In August, the exchange promises to speed up the registration process on the futures market.

I decided to learn from their own experience how quickly in reality you can open an account and start trading on the stock exchange and what it takes. For the experiment we selected the top 10 leading operators of the Moscow stock exchange by number of registered customers. All applications for account opening submitted online. Spoiler: to open an account without special claims it turned out only two of the participants. My several applications to the company "Aton" remained unanswered.

the state-owned Banks are different

"it Seems that I don't understand. Just specify in a nutshell, your question" — stunned me voice assistant Sberbank, whom I asked to open a brokerage account. Repeated request — and the same result: in the main Bank of the country do not understand what I want. Not particularly helped when I was asked to associate with a call center. Marina Manager asked me to wait, then he switched me to another "specialist," who, knowing that I am not a customer of the Bank, was advised to go to the nearest branch and make a map, and then to open a brokerage account online. Since becoming the owner of the plastic from the savings Bank I wasn't planning, I was advised to call the office, selling brokerage and make an appointment. The office was the only one on the whole capital. Calls had to spend two hours. Only in the second half of the day I was told the Bank representative, who asked me to come to Moscow from 12:00 to 13:00 the next day.

After wandering through the empty offices (employees mysteriously disappeared), I still found the Manager, who scanned my passport and copied (by hand!!) e-mail and phone. Data were put into computer, and had to sign a questionnaire and statement. As I was assured by the employee of the savings Bank, to start trading I can now, once on mail or phone I will receive a notification with login and password. Indeed, at 18:50 I received an SMS from the Bank. However, the auction to this point is actually already ended.

But with another state Bank — VTB — suddenly everything was much easier. However, to open an account on the website only if you are already a customer of the Bank. So I was advised to download the application "VTB My investments". After I entered the data and agreed with the terms of the tariff, signed with the SMS regulations, terms of service Depository, the Declaration of risks, I received a notice that within hours the account will be opened. Wait for how long it took me: in twenty minutes I gained access to trading on the exchange.

Grocery widget or the exchange, or not

"That's really the private banks won't be problems" — I thought, and boldly chose the category of "Investments" on the website of Alfa-Bank. I was asked to give access to the "public Services" (other options are available only to customers) and almost immediately opened a Bank account. The Bank then asked to come up with a username and password and promised that after this I will open a brokerage account. The whole process took several minutes, after which I was given products showcase: OFZ, corporate bonds and mutual Funds UK "the alpha-the Capital". To buy stock, currency or ETF is not offered. Neither the usual stock quotes or charts...

Proved that in fact such clients, as I am, Alfa-Bank does not give access to the exchange. You can only buy securities that have chosen the Bank one by one to him a slave quotes. No links to commercial application, nor detailed instructions on how to start trading on the site, was not found. All this, as I found out later, focused exclusively on client care.

a Review of the Bank, the customer, by registering an account on the website of Alfa-Bank has access to trading on the Moscow exchange. But on the website of the Bank, he sees a limited set of products that is most suited to novice investors. To start trade on the stock exchange, you need to download the app of "Alfa-Direkt" and request a new password.

to Solve the problem was only after long negotiations with the special representatives of the brokerage division of the Bank of "Alfa-Direkt". As it turned out to have a brokerage account, you had to register on the website of Alfa-Bank, and on the page of "Alfa-Direkt". Convinced representatives of a broker, most investors do so. Sorry I was not among them. Therefore it was necessary, following the instructions of employees of "Alfa-Direkt" to log in to a special mobile application (and to find the correct login succeeded only with the help of a consultant), where in addition to the new password had to be separately activate a digital signature. I must say that such requirements in applications other banks and brokers I have met.

Have progressive and technologically advanced Tinkoff Bank offering investor "in plain terms" and promising not to take money for account maintenance, it was easier. However, in addition to the standard information (passport details and contacts), the Bank what for asked where I work and asked for my income. 15 seconds after I sent the questionnaire, I was told that I was ready to go courier.

Why it took to send me the courier, I realized only the next day (first at the Bank went to the wrong address and somehow sent the courier to my home), when, together with documents from the broker (they also had to sign with a pen) I was given map. To become the owner of plastic from Tinkoff Bank I wasn't planning on, but I was assured that the service will be free. Besides, as it turned out, to log in to the app "Tinkoff Investment", you need to first enter your card number. That is not the customers of the Bank entrance to the stock exchange ordered. To trade the market I was able two days later after sent an application.

break the Bank, the law on consumer protection, prohibiting to cause acquisition of one services by obligatory acquisition of others?

the Managing partner of the Expert group Veta Ilya Zharskiy:

"the Situation is quite typical, every Bank is interested in expansion of client base, and tying one service to another — the most convenient and common way. If you carefully read the contract of brokerage service, it may be that the use of another card from another Bank too, probably, can, but, most likely, with the Commission or other payments that will be profitable in the first place to the service user. However, nominally, the Bank does not violate the rights of his client, he only pushes him to be the most comfortable way of working with the brokerage account, but, on the other hand, of course, it looks more like an attempt to decide for the client what and how to do. Legally in General, the Bank will be difficult to find fault — probably in the contract there are solutions to this problem."

Buy stocks in advance

Standard time between billing and receiving access to the stock exchange, most brokers have roughly the same de facto access to trading I received the next day after submission. According to brokers, it depends on whether the customer opens the account only to trade in the stock market, or even wants to make transactions on the futures market. And besides, from the time of submission of application: according to representatives of the brokers, if the documents came after 16:30 access to trading the customer will receive the next day. In reality, many bypass this rule.

for Example, the "freedom Finance" to buy the securities can literally immediately after opening the brokerage account through the "Shop stock freedom 24", and clock. To pay stocks and bonds even before a completed application form. As explained in the company, thus you can fix the price of paper. After you register they will be credited to him on a brokerage account.

However, the procedure of conclusion of the contract with "freedom Finance" has appeared not such simple. Once on the website I applied and left my contacts popped up a message that soon the company would contact me. However, this did not happen neither that, nor the next day. Helped a letter to the online consultant, who asked how much money should I plan to trade. It turned out that a company are only interested in customers with 20 thousand dollars, and retail is working a different division. Why my application for opening the brokerage account is not transferred to the retail division, I did not understand.

As I do not understand why, signing a contract with a broker, I suddenly became a client of "best Efforts Bank" with all the consequences. The representative of this company who called me after opening the account, asked what papers I want to invest and if I was interested to participate in the IPO.

failure, then the error

Even if you have everything in order with data, and I think you already are an investor with a brokerage account, it does not mean anything: any technical failure can significantly delay the account opening process. For example, to become a client of investment company BKS, had to wait a couple of days. After entering the phone number on the site of the broker there was an inscription "the Error in the data. Reload the page and try again." I did, but it was not successful, so I called the call center company where I, unfortunately, did not help, but began to wonder how much I am willing to invest. Consultant with whom I eventually joined, was offered three options: a) to come to the office of the company; b) to send documents online, and then the questionnaire and statement will bring the courier company; C) can visit me fellow BKS and on the spot to solve the issue with online account opening.

For reasons of clarity, I decided to wait, when will work again. It's been two days. Finally I managed to upload a passport photo and fill out a questionnaire, which in addition to the amount of income I was asked to specify his source. Then the service said that the data is checked. And... again the problem occurred. It turned out that in the BCS failed to recognize my INN. I have entered my INN, as there was a new crashing. But I was already experienced and just decided to wait. After a few minutes, reload the page, I found the completed documents that needed to sign an SMS code. And — Hooray! company congratulated me on opening a brokerage account. Saying that access to the exchange I get during the day.

the other broker companies "ALOR", which has offered registration through the website services, there's another problem. After a couple of days after opening the account it turned out that the company "incorrectly loaded passport data". The employee "Alora" asked to send scan of passport by mail. The question of how data from the portal can be loaded incorrectly remained unanswered.

will Pay ruble

If you claim that you open a brokerage account worth nothing — don't believe. The "OTKRITIE Broker" when making, among other documents (company under registration requires to specify an INN and SNILS) reason requested my Bank card number. It turned out, the Bank is going to charge me 1 ruble per... digital signature service! Only after payment I was able to enter the SMS-code confirming that you agree to the terms of service. As assured the officer, "Open", congratulated me with opening the account the card is tied to the account and I'll transfer the money as you want and wherever you want.

Managers "Discovery" turned out to be extremely pushy. In the process of registration of the account they were interested in what I want to trade and what amount will begin. One of the consultants I have heard that the recommended amount — from 50 thousand rubles, and that I should join the loyalty program of the Bank. To compete with them, perhaps, would only consultants "Finam". While I was issued a brokerage account in this company, they called me a total of 3-4 times. For example, I learned that the minimum investment amount to 30 thousand rubles. In addition to the usual personal data, I was asked (voluntarily) to give additional information: marital status, education, do you have children and have I opened already my own business. The broker was interested in everything — from the structure of my cost to return expectations. Also, in addition to the scan of the passport was asked to send the receipt of payment of the fixed telephone or utilities. But the company offered just three options brokerage account with different capabilities and rates, including IMS.


What conclusions I made for myself by opening during the week nine brokerage accounts? First, joining the investor should have patience and perseverance because difficulties can meet at the stage of account opening. It is unknown what requirements brokers have to face, because not everyone has an account on the "public Services" or, say, not everyone is aware of the number of his INN.

second, the procedures and the speed of opening accounts at different companies and banks can vary considerably.

third, when opening an account you will certainly try in advance to impose additional services like credit card or services, sewn in the tariff.

does all this Mean, what should I choose a company where to open an account is easier and faster? Of course not, after all, who trades on the exchange, much more important is the maintenance cost, the functionality of the applications and trading platforms, the level of technical support and consultants. Nevertheless, even the first contact with the broker is already able to say a lot about his style of work and attitude to customers.