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"Sberbank accidentally buried me" themes of the day 09.07.2019 at 05:22

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Olga died summer evening of June 19, right in the supermarket "BILLA".

Well as dead — she tried to pay with the card of Sberbank. The payment did not go through. "Sometimes," thought Olga and got another card of the same Bank. The result has not changed. In the end, paying cash, Olga went to the mobile app that has been the message: "you do not Have active cards, deposits and metal accounts".

Olga, who served on the system "Prime", got in touch with his personal Manager. He offered to drive up to the Department to clarify the situation. "We should mark that you died", — explained in the Department that night the disappearance of accounts. Strange, because Olga felt quite good, except for the discomfort caused by lack of money. "Funny feeling, I must say..." wrote Olga in his account in Facebook.

What was that?

How and who it accidentally "buried", Olga did not answer, citing a technical error. Account promised thaw in two days, and warned that the cards will have to be reissued. "How so? Due to error on the side of the Bank, I was left without access to funds for a few days! Why to block and "bury" the client can quickly and unlock is two whole days?" — Olga is indignant.

why Indeed?

"in order to prove that an error occurred and the client alive, he must contact the Bank in person with your passport and confirm your identity to the Bank for the resumption of operations on the account, — says partner of the law firm of Law & Commerce Offer Victoria Solovyov. — In order to identify the client, the Bank must establish his identity on the basis of an original identity document, passport. Upon receiving the customer's confirmation of the resumption of execution of transactions on the account, the Bank shall immediately resume the customer's use of electronic means of payment (Federal law "About national payment system"). After completion of these steps, and in the absence of other grounds for blocking the Bank must release the lock".

June 20 morning, the sent a request to the PR-service of Sberbank. In the afternoon, the Bank unblocked the account and returned Olga privileges. Re-issue of cards, as it turned out, was not needed.

on the Evening of 21 June, the press service of Sberbank confirmed that the problem is solved and will not affect customer service in the future. "We anticipate that this situation could arise due to incorrect information that was submitted to the Bank authorities. We are investigating," he assured them. On 28 June, the savings Bank has sent an official letter to Olga in which the Bank apologized and claimed that "18.06.2019 by mistake of the employee in the software of the Bank was wrongly put a mark of death" in the profile of Olga.

"But this system is a major Bank should be protected from such cases," asks Olga. Also, it seemed odd that the Bank that his mistake caused the customer considerable inconvenience, just an apology, not supported by any material benefits: convenient free option or bonus points. "I'm not materialistic, but you want the savings for some even an apology, but words! For experienced stress and bustle," explains Olga.

Olga all ended well: the problem was resolved quickly, she was out of town or in a situation where you urgently need large sums of money. But not everyone is so lucky.

"I'm Sorry, but I am a living man"

Similar stories from clients of Sberbank has happened to Olga. Only in the "people's rating" on the there are at least three similar cases. For example, in 2015 in Tomsk the Bank also offers mistakenly "buried" the client that turned to her in serious trouble, including problems with repayment of the mortgage loan and receiving the rent money on savings certificate. To eliminate erroneous marks about the death of the Bank at that time took several months.

In a similar situation in 2016, was Muscovite with nick Eka76 that Sberbank mistakenly recognized dead and did not decide this issue, despite repeated requests. In 2016 year, another client of the Bank would be without money because of erroneous mark of death. Her problem was compounded by the fact that she had been a payroll client of the Bank. "I'm sorry. But I'm alive. I transfer salary to the account. And to remove I can't. Like this?" — the woman is indignant. For error correction, according to the opinion and commentaries to it, is gone significantly more than two or three days, she promised during the first call to the Bank.

What to do if the Bank does not want to admit a mistake and to "resurrect" the client? "In the case of unjustified refusal to unblock the accounts should contact the electronic form to the Ombudsman's office of Sberbank, which reports directly to the President of the Bank, — explains the lawyer Anton pulyaev. — If the lock accounts led to losses, then under certain circumstances there is the possibility of foreclosure from the Bank in a judicial order". Victoria Solovyov also advises in this case to require from the Bank an official document confirming the reason for blocking the account, and the list of required documents to unlock, collect them and provide the Bank with the inventory. If this does not work, the client has the right to appeal to the Central Bank through the website and in the court for protection of their violated consumer rights.

the Customer is entitled to demand from the Bank:

— loss;

— penalty for failure to comply with the voluntary order of satisfaction of requirements of the consumer;

— the penalty (fine) for violation of the terms meet the requirements of the consumer;

— compensation of moral harm.

the Real problem this error of the Bank can be if it at this moment is, for example, abroad or on treatment. After all, come with a passport in the Bank he can't physically. The only way to protect yourself from this scenario is to have accounts in two to three credit institutions. Messages that the client mistakenly buried several banks, the forum is not met.