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Need help-witted Eugene Zamalieva

KVN for ALL 02.07.2019 at 22:26

KVN for ALL - all the news of the KVN Comedy Club and other comic projects..

Eugene Zamaliev — member of the team of KVN "Baikal" and the national team of Buryatia. He is also known as the Creator of the films "Tea", "Decided" and "Elastic".

Eugene Zamaliev — left

currently, Eugene is struggling with a terrible disease — he had bone cancer (osteosarcoma). You want to organize a trip for treatment in Korea. For treatment you need to collect a total of about 3 million rubles. Friends of Eugene on the WHC organizes a charity event in Ulan-Ude and announced the collection of social media.

Chingis Bolotov, the head of the team "Hara Maureen":

- Jack Zamaliev — Director of the KVN team of the national team of Buryatia, member of the Premier League, one of the founders of KVN "Baikal". My predecessor, Chairman of the regional youth creative public organization "Club of cheerful and resourceful of the Republic of Buryatia". He's the one who took the first cash cool movie in Buryatia "Kettle". Producer of the film "Solved", "Solved-2", "Ulan-to audience such" and many other films. He did, and still do very much! The question of time. For treatment in the shortest possible time needed to collect about 3 million. We, the Members, will hold a charity concert. I ask everyone to join and hold Eugene!

Details that can assist Eugene — the link:

Also friends of Eugene asked concerned colleagues on KVN to disseminate information.