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Cloned so many. The fact that it is not so difficult and it took even students, do not understand the technology of site-building. Search engines more or less learned to detect clones (identical duplicates) and ignore them but not always going smoothly as we would like.

In the article "If you found a complete clone of your site on the Internet" we have considered the theory of creating clones of sites. Next, I showed on the examples (see "Delete clones of your site out of the index PS") how to deal with clones and block the clones in the search. Then there was a flurry of mail, comments, even requests to help the charge in question (note that not all people are versed in the codes). In the course of this discussion, there is a new unaccounted issues to which I would like to answer within this article to save Your time. Dialogue about how to overcome clones of the sites we build in the form of questions and answers:

How to know that the site was cloned

the Clones of sites can be found in the search. You can use search operators to Refine your Google search. For example:

intitle:If you found a complete clone of your site on the Internet

intitle finds pages in the header (title) which is of interest to us the phrase, in our case it is the title of the article "If you found a complete clone of your site on the Internet" entirely.

the Most efficient operator is inurl. He finds the sites or pages that have in the URL of the desired URL. Here's how to find the links with my sites (primer):


Sites (in search results) which will be identical to the URL You probably cloned or copied.

What is the code to place on the website to clone has been redirect website-the original

In the region ... on your website (which is cloned), you can insert the following code:

or in any place (but preferably closer to the top):

This code checks if the downloaded page of the website "Wassily". Because it will be "" will redirect to "Wassily"

what part of smash domain: "your-"+"CY"+"the"

it does Not matter how many pieces you break domain and there is no logic. You will have to split the whole name of your website on a random part, because the clone script searches the text of your domain and replace on the fly to your. Broken on part of the domain he can't read! Examples:




"in the"+"and"+"sh-"+"sa"+"y"+"T. r"+"u" I put the code, it worked (redirected), but soon disappeared from the clone

most Likely, the attacker found it on the website and it cuts out. Very often they cut or even a whole line. You can modify the script, for example:

Or not to place the script in the page body, and place it in any JS file that is loaded on your website (open any JS file used by your website and insert at the very end on a new line):

var $url = "your-" + "CY" + "Chi" ; if ( $url !== location . host ) { location . href = 'http://' + $url ;} How to do the redirect with a clone on the same page of the original site

you Might want to redirect visitors from the clone that is on the page visited by the user and not to the main page domain? Code can be modified as follows:

How to gather information about its clones and linked clones in Yandex.Metric

You can add label (as an example ? utm ) and later keep track of all transitions with that label in Yandex.Metric:

Why the script does not work on Cyrillic domains

For Cyrillic domains must be considered in the script, both spellings of the domain (including Punycode), but in this case it is guaranteed the efficiency of protection against clones:

Code does not appear on the clone after placing on the original

This means that the clone will cache data from Your site periodically. To verify this, open any obviously non-existent page on the clone, for example /jkajkjhfkllk.html If in your code a new page appeared your code, with high probability we can say that soon it will appear on all pages of the clone (after clearing the page cache).

there Are cases when the clone is not renewing and refreshing itself more from the site of the original. How to be in this situation: how to place a redirect code in this case?

One of the options is to study the tree download the clone. Press Ctrl+Shift+C on your keyboard or the View code item in the menu, right-click on the page of the clone. Go to the tab Network - filter JS (you may have to press F5). Carefully review: do not pull any clone any JS file from your site (and it happens often)? If JS loaded from the original website, feel free to put a redirect code in this file and redirect from the clone will work! Don't forget to clear the browser cache!