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A compilation of various facts

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Articles on a range of subjects: history of Russia and the world, society, famous people, amazing events, unique places, curiosities past and present. A huge collection of jokes and jokes and fun and instructive stories from life.

The Eiffel tower is always slightly deviates from the Sun

Photo: Pixabay

This is due to the fact that the metal expands from the heat. Thus, the heated portion is slightly increased, and this creates a small, almost invisible to the eye, the tilt of the main symbol of Paris.

There is a method of cleaning wounds using the larvae of certain flies

Maggots may eat only dead tissue, live they do not touch. In addition, they secrete their own antibiotic — serotinin. It allows the larva is infested with dangerous microbes flesh and good to live. During the time of Napoleon and the First world war, when antibiotics haven't heard, maggots used to clean wounds of dead tissue. People have noticed that putrefactive processes are slowed down, if the wound will work larvae. Today, this method is also applied if the wound is infected antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Since the sixties in the eighties in the US, alcohol was used as a method of cessation of preterm birth

It was administered intravenously to women, sometimes so much that they lost consciousness. The method was developed by Dr. Fritz Fuchs, Chairman of the Department of obstetrics and gynecology Medical College of Cornell University. The doctors also recommended that a small amount of alcohol orally to calm the uterus during contractions in the early stages of pregnancy. Then the dependence of the health of the child from drinking by his mother during pregnancy of alcohol has not yet been installed.

Chewing gum is traditionally pink in coincidence

Photo: LiveLaughLove / Pixabay

In 1928, Walter Diemer, who worked in the company for the production of chewing gum in Philadelphia, experimented with new recipes to create this product. One recipe was less sticky than regular chewing gum and stretched easier. It is perfect for blowing big bubbles. But the color of the resulting mixture was unpresentable — dirty gray. So inspired by the resulting product of Dimer added red dye, diluted to pink, who was at hand at the time.

the bowhead whale is considered the most long-lived mammal on the planet

harp of kitphoto: Wikipedia

In 2007, hunters caught the Inuit bowhead whale from the tip of the spear deeply embedded in its subcutaneous fat. The spear was whaling made New Bedford in Massachusetts in 1890. This meant that the whale was at least 130 to 140 years, since it was expected to grow before becoming subject to hunting. It is believed that these whales can live longer. Besides that they are the most long-lived, they have the biggest mouth and the longest mustache is compared to other whales.

the Viruses do not have cells

unlike most living things viruses do not have cells. So they multiply by infecting cells of other beings. The host cell, virus-infected, is forced to produce thousands of identical copies of its pest.