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The developer has created a clone of Pac-Man 512 byte

News — Gambling 10.07.2019 at 15:36

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Game of Pac-Man known, perhaps, everything. Like other classic games ported to various devices and platforms, and the protagonist of the game is considered the most famous video game character in the United States. But some developers seem to have this little Mexican developer Oscar Toledo Gutierrez has developed an analogue of Pac-Man called Pillman, which occupies only 512 bytes and is placed in the MBR — the master boot record of a hard disk or floppy disk. The game, allegedly to run on the IBM PC in 1981. The code is available on GitHub, and the arcade can be run as a COM file or directly from a floppy disk, adding it to the boot sector. The game was tested on emulators VirtualBox and DOSBox, but, according to Toledo, it will run on QEMU. Looks like "clone" here it is: Previously, developers have published version one of the game — Space Invaders. It also takes 512 bytes and is called Invaders. Earlier, Toledo had appeared variations of Flappy Bird, as well as the original games Princess Quest and Mecha Eight for MSX. All the data is on GitHub and personal website of the author.