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Singer SONATA ARCTICA: "There are many groups that always played power metal better than us"

Music news : 10.07.2019 at 13:05

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Since their debut 1999 album "Ecliptica" SONATA ARCTICA was gradually moving away from the high-speed, energetic, not to say cloying, power-metal sound, so characteristic of the early years of the Finnish team. Having experienced a great influence countrymen STRATOVARIUS, SONATA ARCTICA dominated melodic and power metal scene of the late nineties and early two thousandth, along with such bands as EDGUY, HAMMERFALL and KAMELOT. But since drive 2007 "Unia", SONATA ARCTICA opted for a more traditional mid-tempo material, refusing — for better or worse, many of the elements familiar to their first four albums. Perhaps this has to do with a wide range of musical taste vocalist and main songwriter Tony Kakko, who believes that SONATA ARCTICA should not be placed on a level with their power-metal contemporaries.

In a recent interview with Mulatschag Tony said:

"There are many groups that always played power metal better than us. For us it was only one phase. Even on the first album ["Ecliptica"] it's been a lot of songs that generally any side is not power. For example, "FullMoon" is not a power song, and "Replica" too. There are only a few. And their number gradually decreased with each new album. It was just something we were interested then, in the nineties, I was in love with the album "Visions" STRATOVARIUS in 1997. Then we started playing covers, and then write songs in the same style for your own group. Suddenly we fell on the label, "Oh shit, we're screwed. Were doomed to play in this style here and now." If we receive your contract five years later, we with the same success could record an album in a reggae style. We could do something completely different.

actually I'm not fixated on the metal. I have a very broad-minded. Sometimes I write techno and dance music. There's just this strange feeling and a pleasant melody and then the melody becomes the starting point. Sometimes I can write something from the club music, and there was a really cool tune. Then I thought, "This could be a perfect fit for SONATA ARCTICA, just to clean the whole club experience and other oddities, add normal rock drums and guitars." And all of a sudden we have a new song of SONATA ARCTICA. It's all in the arrangements.

I like any style of music — as long as the song develops throughout its duration and does not repeat the same fucking phrase for five minutes, changing just like that [mimicking sound effect], as is often the case. If you have a certain structure and melody, then I think you already have a song." #Sonata_Arctica #SonataArctica #PowerMetal #Power_Metal #ProgressiveMetal #Progressive_Metal