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In the Arabian sea disappeared from the island, scientists have found, where did he go

NEWS PLANET 10.07.2019 at 15:58

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Mountain earthquake or were Zalzala Koch, who once was in the Arabian sea, has ceased to exist. This was learned through received images from satellites, according to the portal news of the world.

His story was relatively short. In Pakistan in 2013 were recorded tremors, which was 7.7 points. The earthquake killed almost a thousand people. After the tremors have stopped, the locals saw that from the waves of the sea can be seen a completely new area of land. Scientists have found that there is land through an underwater mud volcano.

These volcanoes can be found in various parts of the world. They have a small height. Clay and other sediments in these places seep into the joints of tectonic plates and can reach the earth's surface. When the amount of deposits is very large, they can ruin even the ground and went outside. That is what happened in the Gulf, the Arabian sea in 2013. Erupted rocks were raised above sea level about 20 meters. There were so many that it was no problem to see the resulting island even from space.

the Difference between these breeds is that they are too soft and eventually begin to succumb to rapid erosion. After a couple of months the area of the island started to become less. In 2016, the land is almost completely flooded during high tides. At the end of April 2019 already could barely see in pictures of satellites, and today it had disappeared altogether.

Scientists say that the island may again appear, but they are hoping that this will not happen as a result of another earthquake or other disaster.