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Before the official presentation of the new Galaxy Tab S6 there is little time left

Http:// - All about the technique of Samsung 11.07.2019 at 00:00

All about the technique of Samsung

Previously, no fan to predict not able to guess the fact that the Korean company Samsung will create and bring to market new product in the form of the Galaxy Tab S6. On specialized forums all speculation about what the first was supposed to be Galaxy Tab S5. Should be observed a certain regularity, if last year released Galaxy Tab S4, but this year similar needs to release Galaxy Tab S5, but not something that is going to produce. Perhaps it would have been a fairy tale, but recently in the network appeared the new device named photo and under the photo bears the name Galaxy Tab S6. To wait until the release of products to market is not long, the novelty will present very soon. The new device is already certified to the Federal communications Commission of the United States. Since this is the place to be, it at least means that in the near future the device should appear on the market. In the beginning of this year showed Galaxy Tab S5, unlike the new version of this tablet is not that fast. In the new version of the device will be pretty powerful chip Snapdragon 855 paired with RAM at 6Gb. ROM in global version will have 128GB, if that's not enough, you can buy a device with a large memory Bank, it is quite accessible. The screen on the tablet is relatively not large, only 10.5 inches. Perhaps, there are some other differences, but we is about is little known. Since it is a tablet, then with high probability there will be s pen, which will be on the magnet fastened to the body of the tablet. The Galaxy Tab S6 we see the first dual photo camera, which will probably allow you to take photos in much better quality than earlier in this series of devices. Probably the tablet adds a variety of clever chips that will allow you to take pictures with a more realistic picture. Various sensors now in Vogue, on their basis the unique additional features. With high probability, the new tablet will be shown together with the Galaxy Note 10 at the event, which will be in August 2019. Maybe this device is slightly shifted in the presentation and will be shown at IFA in September 2019. All can be, because the company Samsung is so unpredictable.