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The new Athos monastery

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In an impressive list of attractions of Abkhazia Athos monastery stands out for its special status, for the construction of this Holy place gave impetus to the development of New Athos. All we know about new Athos monastery in Abkhazia — construction history, description, how to reach, photos and video material of the site tourism and rest

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[heading style="modern-1-dark" heading="h2"]the new Athos monastery history[/heading]

Perhaps, many have heard and some have been to mount Athos, located in Greece. In the nineteenth century there has been serious confrontation between the Greek and Russian clergy, which by 1874 had reached its peak. This year Russian St. Panteleimon monastery in mount Athos was under threat of closure and the Abbot Macarius was forced to appeal to the leadership of the Russian Empire with a request to allocate a plot of land near the Black sea for construction of a new monastery. The petition did not go unnoticed by the decree of Emperor Alexander II to the monks of St. Panteleimon monastery was transferred to the 327 acres of land and the ruins of the temple Simon the zealot, located at the foot of the mountains of Abkhazia, later called mount Athos.

in the Autumn of 1875 by the monks of St. Panteleimon monastery on mount Athos arrived to the newfound lands for the construction of the temple. By the way, in the number of monks consisted of highly skilled craftsmen-builders, for example, Hieron was a skilled engineer and architect, who is also after the construction was headed by the new Athos monastery.

the scope of work at the time was truly Grand, as it initially had no special equipment to demolish part of the mountain and create the access roads, thus creating a platform for the construction of the monastery. The monks, with pious zeal, set to work and in a year, in the autumn of 1786 it was possible to pray in the new Church, named in honor of the Holy virgin.


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the Russo-Turkish war of 1877-1878, not only interrupted construction of the new Athos monastery, but in fact destroyed a temple of the Holy virgin. But the monks did not despair, and after fighting with new forces began to build new and restore old. In December 1879 the walls of the restored Church echoed the sounds of the divine Liturgy. Simultaneously with the construction works of the new Athos monastery was restored an ancient temple of St. Simon the zealot, built in these places in the X century of our era.

the establishment of the Church of the new Athos monastery ensemble, which includes the Gate of the temple (of the ascension), the Church of St. Andrew, the Church of the venerable fathers of mount Athos, the Church of Hieron, the Church of the icon of the mother of God "Deliverer" and the main St. Panteleimon Cathedral was entrusted to the famous architect of those years Nikolay Nikonov from St. Petersburg, who oversaw construction for 15 years.


the Construction of the new Athos monastery is almost entirely funded by the Church of St. Panteleimon on mount Athos. In addition, donations have left merchants and common people coming to look at the construction of the monastery, thus marking the beginning of pilgrimage to the walls of the cloister. In the construction in a certain way was attended by Russian Emperor Alexander III, who, being in these places presented a watch that to this day you can see the bell tower of the Church ensemble of New Athos. On the spot where Alexander III and his family met with the Abbot of the monastery later was built the chapel.

the history of the construction of the new Athos monastery of the Holy Apostle Simon the zealot was crowned on 28 September 1900. On this day, a Solemn consecration of the monastery of New Athos, which arrived more than 20 thousand pilgrims not only from Russia but also from other countries of the world. At the ceremony of consecration arrived, and the former in those days on the Russian throne, Emperor Nicholas II with his family. The road on which Nicholas II and the pilgrims traveled to the walls of the monastery was later called the Royal alley.

Since then, until 1917 the new Athos monastery experienced a period of particular popularity and even became a symbol of Orthodoxy and the spiritual bulwark of the Caucasus. In those blessed times, the territory of simono-Kananitskogo monastery, home to about 700 monks, which in addition to the prayers was engaged in godly Affairs, improved the surrounding lands of the Holy monastery of New Athos. At the monastery the training of young male children, including orphans, took patients 2 hospitals, worked with pharmacy, had a very rich book Fund. The monks eat food from their own fields and apiaries. By the way modern mass farming of oranges in Abkhazia — the legacy of the elders of the new Athos monastery, which at the time brought this genus citrus in New Athos. The monastery was even a narrow gauge railway, on which ran a locomotive, donated to the monks by Alexander III. The locomotive can now be seen, if you work hard to climb to the Athos mountain.


Photo "Steam on mount Athos" and "the Tsar's alley" is taken from the website

since the sad events of October 1917, the new Athos monastery in the Wake of the struggle against the "opium of the people" as the Communists called faith, began to decline. In 1924 he was even closed for "counterrevolutionary propaganda". Without a soul is nothing sacred, the Bolsheviks plundered and destroyed the house of the hegumen of the new Athos monastery, and in its place built a "necessary" thing as Stalin's dacha. In the Cathedral opened the Museum. In barbarous times the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict 1993-1994 the walls of the monastery served as a hospital.

In 1994, new Athos simoneau-Kananitsky monastery was officially returned to the believers and since then began to gradually revive. On 10 February 2011 was another momentous event — the authorities of the Republic gave the New Athos monastery in perpetuity of the Abkhazian Orthodox Church.

[heading style="modern-1-dark" heading="h2"]the new Athos monastery how to get[/heading]

by Itself, the monastery is visible from any point in the city of New Athos, therefore, first need to get to him, and then the path to the monastery will prompt You first got on the road by a local resident. As with other New Athos landmarks to navigate in the first place need to the stop of public transport "Shell" from which you can get to new Athos monastery on foot. In addition, the New Athos monastery is among the objects of the visit of most travelers in Abkhazia.

[heading style="modern-1-dark" heading="h2"]Visit[/heading]

the new Athos monastery outwardly gorgeous, especially impressive are the majestic dome of the Cathedral of St. Panteleimon. No one is forbidden to see the Cathedral from the inside, especially because personally, I strongly recommend to do it for many reasons. The New Athos monastery is open from Wednesday to Sunday (12 to 18 hours). When planning your visit, you must remember that You are about to enter a strict monastery and therefore loose style of clothing here to put it mildly inappropriate. For women the necessary attributes of a headscarf and long skirt, which can be obtained at the entrance to the Holy abode.

to Make photo or video under the arches of the Cathedral in order to avoid misunderstandings it is best with the permission of the Ministers.

the Main Shrine of the new Athos monastery is a part of the Tree of the Holy cross, simply put a piece of wood from the cross on which Jesus was crucified Christ.

[heading style="modern-1-dark" heading="h2"]the new Athos monastery — video[/heading]

we Present to Your attention a video shot via drone, which from the height of bird flight you can see all the beauty of the new Athos monastery in New Athos. Video channel Interesting flights of YouTube.

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