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"Take" and "Buy with the savings Bank" has provided the opportunity to make purchases on credit press releases 04.07.2019 at 13:00

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The card holders of the savings Bank with access to "Sberbank Online", the opportunity to buy goods on credit in the marketplace "Take". This was made possible thanks to the integration of the marketplace "Take" with the service platform, online lending, "Buy with the savings Bank".

the User does not need to go to Bank office and even leave a browser window to apply for a loan — it is sufficient to select it as a payment method during checkout in the personal Cabinet "Take". After that, the marketplace will automatically direct the user in Sberbank Online where the client can apply to the Bank's attention and get a response from him within a few minutes.

Consumer credit is issued only for goods for which advance payment, and only on the final amount of the order including all discounts and "Take Bonus". The amount of the order should be from 3.5 thousand to 250 thousand rubles. Available credit terms from three to 36 months.

Svetlana Kirsanova, Deputy Chairman of the management Board, head of unit "Retail business" of the savings Bank:

"We are increasing the availability of financial services, constantly expanding our partner base. Cooperation with the "Take" gives our customers new opportunities when buying products on the marketplace, translating the customer experience to a new level. Now customers can not only pay up to 99% of the order value bonus "Thank you", but also to arrange the loan, dividing the purchase amount at comfortable monthly payments. The possibility of "Buy with the savings Bank" allows you to quickly receive a loan on goods from the comfort of home on your personal computer or on the way to work with mobile phone. To repay the loan on schedule or ahead of schedule without additional complications in the personal account Sberbank Online.

Maxim Grishakov, the General Director of group of companies "Yandex.The market":

"We want to purchase on the "Take" was the most convenient for each family. For this we provide the user a choice: he could decide what to collect in one basket and how it is convenient to pay for them. The user can already pay for your order by cash or card, online or at the getting to spend previously obtained "Take-UPS" or redeem points "Thank you" from Sberbank. To make this choice more, we've added another payment method to credit".