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Alexei Zhitnik: "the surprised resignation Vorob'eva, I do not understand his silent treatment"

Olympic champion Alexei Zhitnik shared his opinion on the appointment of Alexei Kudashov for the post of chief coach of Russian national team and SKA is Ilya Vorobyov.

– I was very surprised by the resignation of national team and club Ilia Vorobiev. I know that it hurt my phrase after the semi-finals of the world championship with the Finns when they said that sparrows, Jr. in terms of tactics lost him the senior, though, in my opinion, it was a compliment of the whole dynasty. Anyway, in the conversation with the press Ilya complained that it is the opinion of a man from the Ukraine.

So now person from Ukraine can't understand his silent care. The match with Finns was not disassembled, I put forward his version, other people hockey also gave comments, but the position of the head coach and remained not clear. See here some Parallels with the history [of the head coach "Toronto"] Babcock, because a coaching position is always the hardest, the first falling under the blow.

Another thing is that unlike Vorobyov from Babcock there are a series of triumphant seasons – with "Detroit" and the national teams of Canada. Although, admittedly, those teams had so much talent in the coaching position with the same success could be any one of ten leading specialists in the NHL. And work in Toronto shows that Babcock somewhere, probably, overestimated and interchange scenario Vorobiev, I suspect, close.

- the Name of the new head coach of the Russian team surprised you?

– Good to know Alexey Kudashov think hockey player, interesting person. The fact that a team such as team Russia, led by a coach with no winning experience is a surprise, said Zhitnik.

the Team returned to the dense swamp. Coach change in July – to be fewer questions