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In Japan solve the problem cybermania? :.: Article 11.07.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

The land of the rising sun is one of the most computerized in the world. The Japanese considered normal daily "deep dive" into the Internet for a few hours, sacrificing part of your rest and sleep. Gradually the person is formed a split personality. Against this background, sometimes there are very strange things of interest to psychiatrists and police. Dependence on the Internet some of its users in Japan (and not only here!) is so strong that it turns you into a kind of chronic network liberalman. Of course, modern technologies now allow to reside on the Internet using pocket and hand-held devices. But the peculiarity of the fact that the fee in Japan for the mobile Internet is quite large and many "pocket" the Network is simply unavailable. Another thing — the output of the Network with a desktop computer where the cheap fares. And that, as a rule, the channel provider, operating in the public places is anything focused on the number of views. A man forced to watch ads. But after a few minutes of advertising is given for some time, access to the Network with a very cheap rate. The idea of "sheep are safe and wolves are fed" was realized in Japan. Simply put, the provider earns on the advertisers and another unspecified amount from those users who for some reason (due to other special circumstances) were temporarily separated from their own computer at home and the burning desire to be faster on the Network. Photo: Depositphotos In Japan for such people are open round-the-clock Internet cafe with numerous individual cabins. Rules for the use of cubicles very easy. First you need to make a small amount in the electronic machine. On his panel after that will appear the number of free booths and its encrypted code to the electronic lock. Time you can pay hourly and daily. In booths are permitted to bring food and drinks not containing alcohol. Network includes only the computer with a large monitor. The system unit is unavailable. So download something or upload it using the flash impossible. This means that there is no threat of virus infection. This is very attractive for those users who are afraid to accidentally bring the infection itself on the home computer. If an upholstered chair spread out, it can be removed from the built-in drawer underneath the bedding. However, it is only a foam pillow and a light blanket. In addition, the Internet cafe has a shower and toilet. Fee in Japan for the mobile Internet is quite borsatto: Depositphotos Cinemacompany — a very common phenomenon in Japan. The doctors there noticed that when people with Internet addiction for a long time not getting access to the Network, he becomes mentally unstable with a tendency to aggressive actions. While the usual "dose" of the Internet, its chronic, you immediately calms down. It is worth noting a significant fact that in the Japanese Internet cafes have used the most modern technology. Such institutions operate in fully automatic mode, the equipment is the well protected from bullies and thieves. ...

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