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In the world of animals: what is a phalanx? :.: Article 11.07.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Biologists, who had been in the desert or semi-desert, argue that such places are not quite lifeless. According to them, if you turn in a rocky, hot terrain to the South of our country a dozen stones, one of them will meet a rather repulsive creature, about four inches long and looks like a spider. It's a creature with a hairy body — phalanx, sometimes referred to as solpugida. Probably because of its unpleasant for the person kind of phalanx long exterminated, and just. For no particular reason. However, in recent decades these interesting creatures managed to study quite well and it turned out that the phalanx is not so dangerous. Phalanx — one of the group of spiderlike animals. Solpuga in the Gobi desert, Mongoliathe: Their name is Latin for "avoiding the sun". All right, if you remember, in any complex natural environment inhabited by these creatures. However, there is a Golden phalanx, which feels quite comfortable it in the sun. But it is rather the exception. Generally, you can understand why people have long believed phalanges dangerous creatures. In essence, these arachnids are predators. They eat not only insects, but also small lizards, little rodents, Chicks, barely born. Biologists were able to establish that the phalanx often engage in a battle with the Scorpions. They love to eat their distant relatives. Tallangatta: In the event of a collision with a Scorpion at the phalanx have literally one chance to quickly grab his paw (like a claw) a poisonous Scorpion's tail. If this fails, the phalanx begins to chew on the tail so that the poisonous needle of the enemy fell off. After that you can safely eat quite delicate body of a Scorpion. If the phalanx is slightly hesitated, then Scorpio will put a needle in her body and the phalanx will quickly die. Because of the similarity of the phalanges and Scorpions first for a long time considered dangerous. Then managed to establish that the phalanx is not poisonous, although they can pinch pretty hard. It is not always they manage to bite through human skin. Saluafata: If after being bitten by a phalanx of man there is redness and irritation, it is not because of the poison spider, and only because the claw phalanges could stay rotting fragments of previous "lunch", so there is irritation. Observation of the phalanx allowed to establish one interesting fact: the phalanx is able to eat so much food that her abdomen is significantly increased in size, and the impression that the phalanx could burst. Even after this distant relative of the spider instinctively continues to miss the food! However, deaths from overeating, among the phalanges were noted. And enough food to it because of its gastric juice is fairly unique and allows you to quickly digest the food. Phalanx is oriented in space due to the sensitive hairs located at its legs. And these same feet — the organs of smell, and with their help (more precisely, with the same hairs) phalanx is able to precisely determine temperature and humidity. There is a perception that such creatures as spiders, Scorpions and the like, just a little. So the phalanx, the average lives of 5 years, while in captivity this period reached up to 7 years! Phalanx, a kind of smisurata: it is Established that the phalanx quite prolific. The fertilized female becomes aggressive and begins to eat. After some time she digs a hole (or bottom) where they lay eggs. Their number in some species of the phalanges can reach up to 200. After a couple of days are born small phalanx. Initially transparent, they are in 15 -- 20 days begin to harden and appear on their body hairs. Then passes their first molt. Grow young phalanx for a long time — up to six years, and only after that they become adults. Male solpugid kind of GaleodesFoto: Interestingly, the process of shedding Mature phalanx is held every year. At this time she does not eat anything and just dig (or find) a spacious den. There reset old skin, and in return acquires new. Found that if the humidity in the hole will change, molt can pass with complications and phalanx would simply die. They say some people with a fat wallet and obscure quirks even contain at home phalanges and Scorpions. If so, this hobby seems like a fairly dubious hobby. Still, in the natural habitat of any creatures, even the most repulsive, look nicer....

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