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Where to go to rest with your family this summer? Five best towns for families with children :.: Article 12.07.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Want somewhere to relax in hot countries, but I doubt that you and your children will be comfortable? For a long time are scratching their heads in search of the perfect place to relax with the whole family? Today we look at the TOP 5 tourist cities, was not only a very popular and interesting in terms of travel but also very comfortable to visit with their children. Barcelona now the fifth place in our list is the city of Barcelona (Spain). Here you will see many amazing places that will appeal to you and your child. Barcelona is one of the most famous cities in Spain, as well as concurrently the city of the eternal feast and the bright sun. Come here around 8 million tourists per year, and for good reason. Amazing and unique architecture will leave no one indifferent. Moreover, the works of various sculptors you can see, even just walking down the street. The city is located in the coastal zone, for this reason it will appeal to beach lovers. And your kids will enjoy the amusement Park Port Aventura. Copenhagen, Copenhagenthe: the Fourth place is occupied Copenhagen (Denmark). And come here more than 9 million tourists annually. As people say, this city — like toy, and that's interesting to children. Copenhagen is famous for many attractions that will not leave you indifferent! The Museum of Hans Christian Andersen is one of these places. It is dedicated to the storyteller, every tourist include in your itinerary a trip here. Nothing here to make you bored: different installations based on fairy tales Andersen, personal meeting with the great storyteller in the gallery of 3D animation — is it not a miracle?! Another famous landmark of Copenhagen is Det Lil Teater is a theatre just for children. There they will meet almost real mermaids, Vikings and knights. Young travelers will certainly be delighted with a holiday trip to this amazing city! Toronto Torontophoto: And in third place is the canadian city of Toronto. According to tourists who have been there, it's just a fairy tale for your children. Many festivals and holidays are sure to delight them. Also Toronto has a huge number of amusement parks. The biggest of them is the Park "Canada's Wonderland". The Park is owned by the Studio Paramount, so people often call him a canadian Disneyland. The city also boasts an aquarium, "Ripley", where you will observe them not just from the side — you will literally walk right inside of it! Toronto visit in the year of 13.11 million. Rim Rimpoche: the Second place it is safe to give the city of Rome. The Italian capital is a huge city, with a history spanning three thousand years. The number of tourists who come here annually are more than 14 million people. His mighty works of architecture such as the Colosseum and the ruins of the ancient Forum, demonstrate all the grandeur of the Roman Empire. But few people know that Rome is also famous for its sweets. The most striking example is the Roman ice cream. This tasty treat will definitely appeal to young tourists. Paris Parisphoto: so, the first place in our top cities for families with kids is Paris. Every year here come more than 17 million tourists! The capital of France is the benchmark of leisure tourism for the whole family, and here's why: most, and probably the main reason is the presence in this city of the beloved Disneyland! A lot of impressions will remain with children after this Park. You can do a huge amount of photos with your favorite cartoon characters such as Mickey mouse, Donald Duck, and also with the princesses and princes. At Disneyland, there are various interesting attractions, a lot of sweets for every taste. Park will not leave anyone indifferent. In addition to Disneyland Paris is famous for its French bread, river walks along the Seine, a picnic on the lawn in front of most famous landmark, which know all without exception — the Eiffel tower. A family vacation spent in this city, will leave you and your kids a lot of positive emotions and experiences that you will remember for a long time. Discover new places and travel the world together. Because there is no better holiday for children than when the whole family is together....

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