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How to increase your salary? :.: Article 12.07.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Do You know how much you really "stand" in the labour market? Do you know how to improve their "cost" and the level of his salary? Check yourself! First look into the terms. By "cost" we will understand what amount of money willing to pay your potential employer for your skills. Your salary — this is an objective measure of your "value" in the labor market (as an expert in their field). To determine how many are actually worth your work, do the following: 1. Count how many people can do a job similar to yours. Make a list of all their obyazannostyu: If what you know you can easily do other and there are many such people, I have bad news for you — your value in the labor market is extremely low. The more unique professional problems you can solve, the fewer people will be with you to compete. Which automatically pushes up the wage of your labor. 2. "Rate" themselves. Ask your colleagues and bosses, ask them to evaluate your work: If you are rightly considered a professional class, it means that you deserve to earn big money. But if feedback on your work is very mediocre, then this indicates that you've had time to do a serious upgrade of their professional skills. 3. Make a list of what exactly you paid for. Know clearly what your dostoinstvami: Identify actions which directly affect the result of your work (this can be, for example, some complex calculations or a quick solution to customer problems). Then use the Pareto rule to a large part of their working time to devote 20% of actions that bring you 80% of income. Now let's talk about what actions can lead to a substantial increase in your "cost". The fact is, the labor market is always highly competitive environment, and wins her the one who asks the right questions: 1. What am I doing for the growth of your professionalism? How often do I pass a refresher course? How much time I "invest" in learning new technologies and best practices? How often I read specialized literature in my field? And Yes, by the way, to learn and to read specialiter should be in off hours (i.e. not at work, and in his spare time). During working hours, you need to fully focus on the 20% of actions that bring 80% of result (= your income). 2. How well I know how to communicate with other people? Suck the skill of communicating with ludimate: This skill you do not need to exchange fresh gossip — it will help you to exchange professional experiences, meet the right people, to establish a good working relationship. When was the last time you were at an exhibition or conference related to your work? To be a sought-after expert, it's important to "Shine" at these events and feel free to Express their point of view (in order to get noticed).The bigger your social graph, the higher the likelihood that you will be able to quickly find new high-paying job or create a business, to cooperate with their new friends. 3. "Burn" do I have eyes? It is impossible to become/be a good professional if you suffer from obesity, or from his ill nature, or infect everyone around her decadent mood. Remember that taking a job based on merit and dismissed — because of the personal! Exercise, maintain good spirits!Photo: Little hint: keep an active lifestyle, take care of your health and regularly overload the body with possible physical activities — this will allow you to always keep myself in good shape, and your eyes will burn with a lively flame. Summary: 1. Always soberly assess their value in the labor market (if she's not high enough, then it's time to grow your business). 2. Select which areas you need to improve to increase their income (for this ask yourself the right questions). To consolidate the material let's see the next video: ...

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