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Hits "Motown". As The TEMPTATIONS and the young Michael Jackson recorded his first hits? :.: Article 13.07.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

In the early 1960s in the United States was created by the record company "Motown" — the first ever music label created by blacks and promote solely the "black" pop music. The founder's name was berry Gordy, and his wing came to light by such famous artists as Diana Ross and The SUPREMES, Stevie wonder, Lionel Richie, The MARVELETTES, The CONTOURS, The FOUR TOPS... Here I will tell you about two "Chicks nest Motown" and their most important musical hits of the... The TEMPTATIONS — "My Girl" (1964) paradoxically, The TEMPTATIONS, the most popular male staff "Motown" — at first had no luck. He could not break into the national pop charts the USA. For example, in 1962 The TEMPTATIONS by chance lost hit "Do You Love Me" (Gordy did not catch the band in the Studio and gave the song The CONTOURS). That all changed in 1964, when the ranks of the band joined by new vocalist David Ruffin. Producer Smokey Robinson was so impressed by his voice, I did not regret for The TEMPTATIONS a song originally written together with Ronald white's own band The MIRACLES. Smokey Robinson:"I was happy whenever I got to write hits for other artists. They were my "brothers and sisters"". The song was called simply "My Girl" ("My girl") and the plan was the men's answer to the previous song, Robinson's "My Guy" ("My guy"), was recorded with singer Mary wells. A scan of the cover disk, the Author of the translation — cymbal: ...I Have so much honey that the bees envy me.My sweeter song than the birds in the trees.I think you ask,What could induce me to such feelings?My girl (my girl, my girl)...I don't need no money no fortune or fame.I've got all the riches baby,which can claim one person, Oh Yes.I think you ask,What could induce me to such feelings?My girl (my girl, my girl)... Wrote that Robinson supposedly dedicated to "My Girl" to his wife Claudette (also a member of The MIRACLES). But the author himself claimed that the song has no specific addressee, and written "with the thought of all the women of the world". "My Girl" was released as a single on 21 December 1964 and by March 1965 had reached the top of U.S. charts. For the label "Motown" single became the first # 1 hit, recorded a male vocal group. Here it should be noted that The TEMPTATIONS not only sang well but also accompanied their performances, elaborate stage movements (the group even had its own choreographer). As the group became famous just after the arrival of David Ruffin, the latter quickly conceited and even demanded to rename the team to Davis Ruffin & The TEMPTATIONS (for example Diana Ross & The SUPREMES). In addition, the singer hooked on cocaine and by 1967 so annoying that he was fired. On the success of The TEMPTATIONS is almost not affected, and the group continued to get to the top of the hit parade with such songs as "I Can't Get Next to You" (1969), "Just My Imagination (Running Away with Me)" (1971) and "Papa Was a Rollin' Stone" (1972). JACKSON 5 — "I Want You Back" (1969) As you know, the label "Motown" was built on the principle of a single creative family (of course, under the watchful eye of "daddy" Gordy). Any song created in the framework of the label, could easily migrate from one artists to another. It happened with the song "I Want You Back", written songwriters team "The Corporation" with the participation of Gordy. Initially, it was called "I Want To Be Free" ("I wanna be free") and was intended for the group Gladys Knight & The PIPS, then for Diana Ross. In the end, Gordy decided to give it into the hands of others... on 23 July 1969 on the label held auditions for the new group, the JACKSON 5. It was truly a family team, consisting of young brothers Jackson and is also led by an authoritarian daddy. Gordy audition was absent (he was in Los Angeles), but he sent a video of the performance. Looking at the lads (especially vociferous and energetic Junior — Michael), head of the "Motown" saw the reincarnation of the black group Frankie Lymon & The TEENAGERS, tremendously popular in the 1950-ies. A scan of the cover of the disc Feeling that the audience was miss talented teen team, Gordy decided to give the JACKSON 5 the most promising at the moment song. Reasonably believing that about the freedom of teenagers to sing too early, he demanded to change the name of the song on "I want you back" and rewrite the text, focusing on the love theme. Translation Dasha: Oh, darling, I was blind when I let you go,But now when I see you in his arms I want you back,Yeah, now I wanna I want you back.Oooo, oooo, baby,yeah, Yeah... now... About faith in the success of Gordy, the JACKSON 5 is the fact that "I Want You Back" became at that time the most expensive single recorded "Motown". TV premiere of the song took place on 18 October 1969 in the "Hollywood Palace". Interestingly, in the show group, the JACKSON 5 presented the famous Diana Ross, and in early 1970 "I Want You Back" ousted from the first place, her single "Someday We'll Be Together". Calculation Gordy was correct. They say that the JACKSON FIVE even became the first black group that had an equal number of black and white fans. Wrote one journalist, "adult wanted to adopt them and children to become them." In addition, JACKSON 5 become the first group in music history, in which all of the first four singles will get to the top of the American top. Well, 11-year-old Michael Jackson became the youngest singer, who performed the # 1 hit. As we already know, the achievements of curly Mishani not end......

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