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The beast of the tale, or Who is a binturong? :.: Article 13.07.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

And not a cat, not a bear — even where such a beast can be found, not in a fairy tale. It turns out that he is in reality and lives in South-East Asia in the tropical impenetrable forests, that will save it from extinction. Binturong is the only species of the same genus of the civet family. According to the earlier classification of these exotic animals, looks a bit like the raccoons, belonged to the Raccoon family. Sometimes referred to as the cat bear — body, with the exception of short legs, resembles a cat, but clumsy movement on land is very similar to bearish. Speech of binturong quite diverse: he can meow, growl, squeak, howl, giggle and scream out loud. Photo: Dressed cat bears in the long and rough coat dark gray, black or red color. Extreme stiffness differs the coat covering the tail. By the way, the tail of the binturong can masterfully grabbing various items. The hair on the head usually lighter. The head of the animal is decorated with a long white mustache and long tassels ears. Body length ranges from 60 to 100 cm, tail is about the same length. Weight is 14 kg, but there are more well-fed individuals. Unlike most mammals, they have the female larger than the male. Live cat bears families (parents and offspring) or alone. In a group dominated by female. Photo: Recorded lifespan is 25 years. The offspring 1-2 times a year, female bears at a time on average two or three cubs. Babies are born helpless and blind, eyes open only on the third week of life. Within two months fed exclusively with milk. Become sexually Mature at the age of two and a half years. Most of the time, cat bears spend on the trees among the dense foliage, because of which they are often confused with sloths. With the help of the tail are experts at climbing trees and can swim and dive. Are nocturnal. The main food of the cat bears fruit. In addition they love to steal eggs out of birds ' nests, eat small quantities of insects, small birds and fish. Do not hesitate to go for sustenance in the other. Photo: the Binturong — big lovers of sweets. With overeating sweet they have increased the level of glucose in the blood, whereupon the animals run randomly and making faces. This behavior can last for hours. Following the presentations, the cat falls and bear falls asleep. In some regions, meat cat bears eat. The binturong trusting and well tamed, so in some places they are kept as Pets. Fortunately for the animals due to uncontrolled urination and persistent odor, which they mark territory, the wide spread of these exotics have not received. In addition Pets climb all over the house, demonstrating its independence. Despite these unpleasant aspects, recent years, USA has become popular to keep the cat's bears as Pets. It seems that not enough Americans entertainment and love of nature — because everyone needs to live where he initially settled. The good news is that cat bears breed well and live in remote tropical regions of Asia, which allows them to maintain their numbers and not to fall into the Red book....

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