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Bad medicine: Dr. Mario World has started worse than other mobile games from Nintendo the latest news on games. 14.07.2019 at 16:53 ( - all about the world of computer games.

Analytics firm Sensor Tower announced that mobile game "three in a row" with quite an aggressive system of monetization of Dr. Mario World in three days has brought more than 100 thousand dollars of income. Users can spend in Dr. Mario World on the virtual one the purchase of 2 to 60 dollars. For three days Dr. Mario World released on iOS and Android, has been downloaded over two million times. Sensor Tower notes that Dr. Mario World has started worse than several other mobile projects from Nintendo. Super Mario Run brought $ 6.5 million income for the first three days of stay on the market, Fire Emblem, Heroes – 11.6 million dollars, Animal Crossing – $ 1.4 million, Dragalia Lost – 250 thousand dollars. the image is clickable