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The best defense is a good offense

Zadolba!whether 09.07.2019 at 05:12

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Yes, I'll be rough with the pigs. No, I'm not "above" them. They are organically unable to understand a polite request.

the First time I'll be polite — maybe it's a man and not a pig. Then I politely repeat — test, maybe the person just didn't get it. The third time I become a shrew and will start to spoil ham life.

the Taxi driver doesn't agree to throw out the cigarette and turn the music down? Explain what the places have to get the radio and a pack of cigarettes, if the music don't shut up, and a cigarette butt not extinguished. Often this is enough — ham recognizes "their", mutters: "Well, so would immediately and said," and performs the request. He tries to tear off at exorbitant prices "for service", threatening to drop off? I called the dispatcher. Threatening physical abuse? Demonstrate the Taser. Use in hamyang taxi drivers had until never.

the shop Staff is more interesting to discuss with Galya yesterday's date, than to find the right size to me, to remove from the shelves of expired yogurt, to change a defective kettle? Angrily asked: "What are you doing, freak?" Fifteen minutes solemnly promise to complain to the Director, CPS, President, Santa Claus, mother staff. Threatened to be fired, checks all instances (that I can think of). Some are blown away, the level of service soars to immense heights. Most, of course, watching with burning hate eyes, hissing: "Take that, you NIT," and almost throws me with delivery and goods, but beware — I changed the kettle again to them how you do not want. I, frankly, don't care what they think of me. I suspect that many sell their sadovich then just hold back that shout the buyer started immediately, and after ineffectual attempts to be polite.

Random companion, the colleague, the same taxi driver, unfamiliar man on the street does not understand that means no diplomatic action is already moving to the physical? Pull out a Taser, aiming kicks to the groin, throat ditch so that it was audible in the whole area.

the Taser were tested for connoisseurs of violent love-three times. Among the screams sure to use the word "application", "zone", "dad-the Colonel" (a lie, but some scares). When I was a minor, and some time after, until the appearance was allowed, asked: "Uncle, did you know that with these pedophiles, like you, doing in prison?" So loudly that the witnesses (if any) heard. And after a very nasty forced Blowjob (suck or get fired from "the wolf ticket") and I didn't go to the head of the man in the office without a smartphone voice recorder in the pocket.

Yes, I am 165 cm and 55 kg and I dare threaten violence. To anyone and anything, even if it's a lie. I have found that speaking in a resolute tone and create a convincing impression that you don't regret the time, money, energy and even health to muck or not to destroy the life of ham, ham calms — if audacity didn't work, few people dare to check how far I was willing to go. Ham doesn't want to guess if I'll write statement will tell whether authorities will go to the authorities. Ham cools largely because of the confusion: wait, what trick throw this bad woman, not everyone is ready.

Well, if hot — use the stun gun I just finished.