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Transport cheering

Zadolba!whether 09.07.2019 at 05:48

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Public transport — the finest vehicles in the world.

In public transport daily infest new people. Just yesterday, for example, I met as many as four people. With a woman vaguely postbalzakovskogo age, which necessarily have to drive sitting the whole metro stop away. With the old grandpa in the bus that the word "frottage" may not be heard, but got it haven't spent. With the sweetest little tot of three years, which is sitting on the arms of my mother, was never tired of kicking the knee facing me dirty hard Shoe. With his mother, who in response to my remark did not miss the chance to meet the little boy with the names of the wonderful animals — cows and sheep, and also explained what do you call a female dog.

Public transport generally brings people together. The notorious herring in the barrel never achieve such a degree of intimacy. After some trips and I want to say to the neighbors in the crush that they just have to marry me after what you did back their bags, briefcases and poorly clamped limbs.

Public transport develops logical thinking. Day after day caring staff transport services to passengers slip interesting puzzles. Here comes the bus. The front of his Board with the number, say 1234, and on the side plate of the 4321. If you look closely, you can see that in the sign hidden the other with the number 2143. To find out where actually should the bus not: zadolbali the driver in the cabin bellows for any questioner: open, like, eyes! And whatever it may be the route, it is easier to invent a time machine than to figure out his schedule, comparing the data from the web, signs at the bus stop and real time bus at this stop came.

Public transport does not need to control for it has a number of experienced drivers. For example, the glorious Alexander Vitalich, and the man-Caesar. Before meeting Vitalich, I sincerely believed, the artistic exaggeration of stories of drivers of minibuses, able to simultaneously monitor travel, honk everyone for a thousand reasons, time to throw a belt at the sight of the policeman, talking on the phone, smoke and manage to drive with one hand, scold vadalov, gaytsov, pedestrians and flirt with the passengers, half-turning to the salon. Enticing "Girl, and I Sanvitale!" and the glittering steel and gold smile received almost any woman from about 30 to 80 years. For me, lapwing, Vitalich so never looked — not old enough yet.

Public transport improves health. If as a child my mother took care of you like a tender violet, and you grew a bit painful — welcome. First, of course, you will be ill, but what a powerful exercise immune! With great joy you obcessed, obichat and splashed by droplets of saliva all who care. Children will contribute, decorating your pants freshly dug out of your nose snot, and hair — chewing gum. At the same time get rid of disgust.

In public transport to develop the physical form. If you sat in a stuffy office, but can't carve out in his busy schedule time for the gym — don't worry. You will become quick and agile, avoiding obstacles in the traffic flow. Become strong and strong, portallive elbows the crowd and confronted her at the exit of the car.

anyway, public transport brings the power of the spirit. Crying children, radio Shanson, sociable companions with various levels of the social and evolutionary ladders — starting from somewhere in the basement-will not let you get bored and how to test the strength of your psyche.

on public transport is much better than some kind of individual topovske. Anyway: in topovske often only one heading (alone, poor thing), and in cattle -- excuse me, in the most amazing bus in the world can a few dozen to cram. Will give gas tight and, suddenly, compacted.

What? Why I enrolled in a driving school? Why money to postpone the beginning?

And really, that's me.