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Not like all

Zadolba!whether 09.07.2019 at 11:00

Angry look on the other side of the counter

I don't care what my extended family the child was born, his uncle died, the car broke down, finished the renovation. I saw these people, without exaggeration, less than ten times in my life. For me they are strangers. So sorry, mom, I did not even know who you're trying to tell me.

Oh Yes, I'm a bad daughter. Because you dared to move out from their parents as soon as I could afford to rent an apartment. My parents are sociable and active is good, but no personal space and quiet in the house is a cross between a student Dorm, nursing home free hostel. And I cut a slice, because you don't want to keep ringing every hour, reporting on all actions come only once or twice a month.

I'm also a nerd, unable to speak human. This is because if I have to fix someone else's mistake to answer the question, or simply to convey information and make sure it took correctly, I can many times to repeat the same thing with minor variations. All the same calm to the monotony of tone. No, I do not bother. Because I know that if I repeat the question: "do you have a white gown with pearl buttons?" in the end, after all "there's a blouse", "red is", "is-zip", "there is a green button" and so on, I still see if the desired robe. I just don't care that the seller will be very sad if he doesn't sell red blouses. And I know that in the mind of the Russian people there is a difference between "no" and "no", "no" and "quite impossible", "impossible" and "does not work", so I'll repeat and repeat again and again. No, I do not bother.

I stale biscuit. Because I don't want to gossip — not because I'm so good, but because I just don't care that there is someone. Because you refuse to drink not only depending on the circumstances, but if you just don't want to drink. Because you refuse to go to smoke, not only because busy, but if you just don't want to smoke. Because I love to watch movies alone on my couch. As I don't feel emotion at the sight of cats, do not know what clothes and what memes are now in fashion, not interested in politics and have no idea about discounts on the mayonnaise and the price of buckwheat.

At work I do not like. Because I'm not doing someone else's work. And I have, first, a lot of work, and secondly, and also you will stick out when they find out. Because I don't ignore the "human" joints. Because I do not hide: if you do not notify us of your jamb, then it will tell me. Not because I'm so evil, but because of the avalanche of problems just begin with small covered stocks. For not trying to deceive the authorities. And I don't do it, not because I am such a kiss-ass-a social climber, but because I do not understand why cut the branch on which you sit.

In the end, I begin to eschew the "normal" people, because with such a heartless beast not to talk about all sorts of important things and "my own way" to popularity at work.

Those who consider themselves for any signs of this, at first trying to fit me into their ranks. I'm so nemestrina, do not eat manasic and not follow fashion. Many mere items of clothing or household to reckon me to "his". Then they are disappointed when they find out that veggie salad I ordered, not because it is vegetarian, but because it's delicious. When they find out that in addition to the bike, I just ride, and not even in the city, I have a "typically female" minicar — the main means of transportation. Disappointed when they find out that I have high heel shoes — office from a low to a high "exit", and I don't wear boots 365 days a year and, again, not in the city. I dare you to tell them a word about musical and literary tastes — cover polar opposite labels (Yes, this is most often engaged in "informal") from head to toe.

By "informal" I hear you're not a music fan. Not The Biker. Not A Vegan. Not Rocker. Not The Reader. Not A Free Man. Although I never said that I was someone there from them. After that — ignore: me and for them to become a soulless beast.

As I was sick of such a society.