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Turning native servant, don't be surprised the loss of the family

Zadolba!whether 09.07.2019 at 11:12

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Dear little brat, and what you actually wonder? You with some fright have decided that if you go to work, all your family members you should automatically, and you don't need anything more. And you do it with your family members discussed? They agreed?

I doubt Very much. Instead of the normal communication within the family you "roll your eyes and tantrums". What effect do you expect? Grateful that the kids hang on your neck? And for that they thank you then? You for them, neither his father nor friend and protector, and so hysterical back at the computer. And your tantrums cause only a desire to wear on your head the trash along with the plates in it.

You are too lazy to wash a plate, because you have "after ten hours at the computer legs, neck, back and everything else is really sick, and I'm seeing double and sometimes pogruzhaetsya"? This excuse. Rest is change of activity, and in your case positions. You just need a minimal set of exercises after work. Go to the store to stretch my legs and butt after sitting. Sweep the floor to peakloads and relieve back pain. To wash the dishes (at least for themselves), so that the hands rested in the warm water from stuani on the keys. And when you change from mental work to physical, you have in mind brighten. But instead you continue to sit at the computer, reading Zadolbali, and even wrote here the answer. So, not so you tired.

to Contain most of those teenagers — your legal obligation, no one to have you pray for that not have to. To educate also, but the responsibility you take time off. Your children 14+? Congratulations, to educate them later. They gave you dinner and clean the plates? Bad, but it is the result of your upbringing. And what you want to achieve "roll hysteria"? Your children do not care you eat or not, just as you spit on them.

You pay the mortgage for my apartment? Pay, but what have your children? To provide them with housing — again your responsibility, since you started them. On current trends 18 years old to drive children over the threshold out, using their legal illiteracy and lack of life experience, they have no reason to be interested in your business success.

Your children are half-orphans. He doesn't exist, there's the reigning but not ruling you little brat. If you have the whole family round the table has not sat down and discussed the family budget (Yes, even with children), the distribution of household responsibilities, the problems of each family member and can't come to a consensus, no one owes you nothing. Don't want to do — so it was not necessary to have a family. The work you are not exempt from execution of parental and spousal responsibilities, as if you do not like. Exactly with the same success you can show up to work and go to bed "because they are tired of the house."

Tired at work? Work less. Will be less to earn? It's okay to learn how to save money on unnecessary. But it will be more time for family.

you do Not want to solve their problems "grown" through negotiation and compromise? Zadolbali!


you also handle will not fall off if you're on a plate before eating, wear clean package, and after eating will remove it and put a clean plate in place.