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Long live the friendship of peoples!

Zadolba!whether 09.07.2019 at 11:36

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Hello, girl-Papuan!

you Wrote eskimo. Yes, by your logic, I — eskimo. And why? And all because I put on the conditioner the same 23 degrees. Do you know why? Because for me it is a comfortable temperature. And Yes, I open the window, not to sit in the sweltering heat and heat. You think I am fat 70-th size? Surprise! I am a woman 46-th size.

Yeah, I wear shorts and a cropped top. Yes, I'll be in sandals, but again, surprise! I have poor thermoregulation of the body. Weird, huh? You must be about people and not heard.

will Explain. Me to your favorite 28-30 degrees is hot even if I'm completely naked. And no, the cotton and other light natural fabrics do not save — I can easily flop down in a swoon, it is possible that for you, and you resent will. Been there, done that.

Can easily make your head spin, so I carry water and a fan to cool the body. But are fairy, which five times a day, take a shower and put deodorant. No, I take care of myself, but it turned out that my thermoregulation of the body is terrible, and therefore I am in the heat and cold very uncomfortable.

I have nothing against Eskimos and Papuans. You can always come to a reasonable compromise. But like you — fiercely zadolbali.