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From the plate two inches

Zadolba!whether 09.07.2019 at 11:48

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Not zadolbali, but it does scare people, whose 5-7-year-olds to the stove to cook hot dinners for the whole family, as the parents of the author of one of the recent stories.

Some even like to boast that the company: "And here our Masha, the ravioli is cooking!" And look around with a view of the complete superiority: that's what we are good parents, since childhood, accustom the child to work!

Why? That is really — why? Why not wait two or three years until the baby will be slightly above the plate? And there is no risk that it will upset a pot of boiling water on his head, preparing you these unfortunate dumplings!

When I was seven, my father showed me in the street one of the victims of such education: a girl my age with red, scalded face. And said, "That's why you can't come close to the plate until it is you to waist height".

This is the face I still remember. Don't know what happened to the girl's fate then, I can only imagine the hell through which she had to undergo. Even if the scars from burns then brought, probably remained moral injury, which is known as than halloo to one another so far. But this nightmare with her would never have happened if the parents have a little more respect for basic safety rules and less itching "learn to work" from the cradle.

Are you so tight with the spatial thinking that you do not understand the risks posed to the child kettle or pot of boiling water on his face? Or understand, but you don't care? This child is cooked — give birth to another?

Sometimes I wonder the people you do. Maybe, after all the Martians arrived on Earth to experiment on human infants?