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Take off your rose-colored glasses, they don't go your unshaven cheeks

Zadolba!whether 10.07.2019 at 05:00

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Work as a mechanic, and I had to fight some sprashivali. "Something going" is not so bad, I can tell, that reason can knock. But a customer calls and says into the phone: "I Have the engine noise on here, look."

this person with logic in General, all right? First, the engine makes noise, it works. Secondly, what should I hear through the handset? She will not be able to convey the whole spectrum of sounds that will allow at least a little doubt on its correct work.

Or again: "I Have a flat tire". You're 15 years behind the wheel! What do you want me to say? Step-by-step set of actions, such as to use the Jack and remove the wheel, put the spare tire? Or do you just want to tell me that it happened. "Congratulations!" — this is the maximum that you can hear from me.

Apofigey — calling a stranger and asking how much he can sell the car and begins to describe the problems they encountered. If I tell you "over a billion", will that satisfy you? Or do you think that I know from memory the market prices of all cars of all years and trim levels and will calculate its amortization right under your call?

Guys, do you like children, honestly.