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Gift blind

Zadolba!whether 10.07.2019 at 05:12

Angry look on the other side of the counter

I am tired of the linen.

In what universe is considered to be normal and adequate to give the bedding to friends and family?

I seem to be friendly enough and welcoming people, but somehow never thought to invite friends to his bedroom. And to be rummaged on the bedroom my friends, I also was not possible. And certainly not had to pry into anyone's bedroom with a tape measure, which allowed to measure the dimensions of a family bed and pillows, and did not notice guests with a tape measure at home.

now, explain to me please how to give bed linen, not knowing the dimensions or form of pillows or bedroom decor, or preferences of the receiver?

I post in trash container brand new linen sets in almost after each holiday.

we Have in the bedroom, light walls, wooden furniture, soft yellow light and a minimum of decoration. So sleep in a bright scarlet linen with a geometric pattern in black and we're not even at Halloween. Emission.

Sleep on rectangular pillows. Set with square pillow case? Emission.

Our bed size 180×200. Sheet 140×200? Emission. And I love the sheets only on the elastic band.

the Synthetic composition? No comment. Emission.

if you are so afraid that your friends and family need something to sleep on — give them a certificate to the store of home decor, it will be easier and cheaper for you themselves. And given you "not the topic" kit with 99.9% probability will be in the trash the next morning after the meeting.