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You can accept the idea useful, but not to be able to use it

Zadolba!whether 10.07.2019 at 05:48

Angry look on the other side of the counter


This is the first thing that came to mind after the disturbances of the engineer on labour protection.

I have been dealing with these engineers for nine years of labour practices. The nature of my work is that I worked in different Cultural centers and theaters, and on your own, so to speak, colleagues had seen. And have to say: maybe the idea of profession and good, and just about how to save lives, but in practice you are completely useless, at best.

On the stage there is no air conditioning, and actors in costumes and makeup lose consciousness at a temperature of +50? You have a day off and a bunch of papers, and in General, you your thermometer is brought, there is 25 degrees. And this is broken. What do you want? Thermometer we replaced.

Overtime work without days off, and so is the third month? Don't know anything, the report card says, you're fine. View the data e-pass? And it proves nothing at all. I have no time.

What? Portal height of nine meters no fence, and all wobbly? Well, not latte there. It is necessary to climb? Well, meddle. No fence, and dangles a ladder? Well, not latte there...

the Child of one of the performers running around the stage in the middle of the installation and puts his hands in appliances? Don't see it. Where? Where under my nose? Well, watch her, what do I do?

the Tower was the story, when the engineer sent an electrician to get into the flap without protection, electrician complained this guard labor, he confirmed the right of the engineer to give such order, and the electrician is obliged to perform, and when the electrician got hit, thank the gods, not to death, did everything that the electrician did not count injury... because he worked without safety equipment.

it is Not necessary to me tales about your work for the benefit of employees and their life with health. Your main task — to cover one place the authorities and to check latched on. In my examples there were different safety engineers and other protection. They are always heard, and when it is necessary to deprive someone of the award or to kill the project, but not for that.

You do not like? First, or still not, or do not believe. Second, and here "there" most. So sorry. Zadolbali you, the guards work (just not clear whose).

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