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Concert for serotonin with a chorus of sirens

Zadolba!whether 10.07.2019 at 11:00

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Lately, there frequently appear stories from all sorts of "prohibitive" in the metro pictures only "terrorists", then all hams collect only "bomb"...

I laughed-laughed, but recently, suddenly realized that he would like to ban one completely "harmless" and even "comfortable" thing. So I don't know whether I'm "paranoid" or, on the contrary, understand what others do not see... In the end, many things are deprecated now, used to be the norm. Maybe this will be the same?

See. Why motorists prefer to stand in huge traffic jams in their personal car, although public transport can often be reached faster if there is a dedicated line, rail or even metro? "Well, you imagine — without the smelly old women, screaming children, one with air conditioning, but with the music..." With the tune?!

I Remember the case, about which much has been written about ten years ago. Motorist accidentally hooked the stroller with the baby and dragged her with him. Parents yelled, banging on the car, but the driver did not stop. Picked up speed, to turn the wheelchair unhooked and overturned. The baby died. When the detained driver was asked what he theoretically could not hear that in his car drumming his fists, he said he was listening to music...

here comes the plug, modern. Siren wailing Ambulance. Of the machinery parts, but this inomarochka not shifted a centimeter. Rides as if nothing had happened. The driver is important not to let an Ambulance rushing to a call? Or... wait, maybe he just can't hear? Certainly in his fancy car "some sort of pop music", and the normal heavy metal.

How many cases when a train has hit a pedestrian in the hood, but with headphones, just because they simply did not hear the whistle of a locomotive? But the pedestrian's own fault — and he dies. And "deaf" to the music the driver is dangerous to others! But now anyone and would not come to mind to ban car radios... And maybe, after all, worthwhile?

it's Funny how drivers are tortured for toning, it is supposedly part of the light does not pass. And the music, which DAMPS the driver at all, and you do not hear any horns or sirens — therefore can be?