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Moan — do not build

Zadolba!whether 10.07.2019 at 11:24

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Zadolbali moaning about the demographics. Wherever you spit:

— Our people are dying! The Chinese seized Siberia! There will be no one to care for the elderly! Russian culture will be gone! It is urgent to have her baby, and more!

And infuriates me in these moans everything. First, guys, Russian people — who is this? Tatars are considered? A Buryat? And if the great-grandmother from Finland, and great-grandfather of Kalmykia, and as a result you're so Central in his appearance live in Yekaterinburg, and don't know anything except Russia, you Russian people or not?

secondly, of course, about the extinction. The population of Russia more than one hundred forty million. Ninth country in terms of population. Even if "the Russian people" there's one hundred million, even if low fertility "Russian" a couple of centuries will be several tens of millions. Doesn't really seem like extinction. You are much more likely to die from overpopulation, no matter how ridiculous. Or from climate change, but for some reason on this occasion you shout less and to change their habits for the sake of the world do not rush.

thirdly, well, let's be in Siberia, a lot of Chinese. What? What's wrong with the Chinese? They are worse than you? So much panic, as if talking about the white walkers, not quite ordinary human origin.

no one to care for the elderly — Yes, that's the problem. Only here adult children unable to move, and die, and to start their family, no time for full-day care for parents. In any case will often require a special staff. And to work with carers and social workers, young people may not want, even if you give birth two times more than necessary: the work is hard, unpleasant, the salary is low. No wonder now doing this mainly migrants: who have more opportunities (which is often the local population), they still will tend to place more "delicious". Maybe just a little more attention to the industry of care of the elderly, and there, staring, and labor will catch up?

Russian culture... Where it will be lost, my dears? Ancient Greek culture is gone? All of the students remember who is Hercules, is not worse than who is Lermontov. And the Greeks-then some poor fifteen million if worldwide scratched, and they are very distantly related to the ancient Greeks. One name.

and finally, about "to give birth". Demographics, remember, consists not only of fertility, but also of mortality with which we are not very European neighbors. How about to reduce mortality? Using the birth rate because the growth is not so easy to raise, we are now in a demographic hole: increased generation of the nineties, women of reproductive age is small. And if you are worried about is the birth rate, work on its increase: birth. Can't have — make sure that others wanted.

Googling why people don't want to have kids, and think about how you can help to fix it: write to the mayor about the lack of ramps and kindergartens. Write to the MP about the lack of decent affordable housing for young families. Use any available to you the platform to impart to their friends the idea that you take half the maternity leave, take care of children and home along with his wife is normal.

But these are your cries about the Chinese isn't helping anything.