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Oh, it is hard work — from a bog to drag the hippopotamus!

Zadolba!whether 10.07.2019 at 11:48

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Read the story about the generals and generals ' wives and pushed the button "to cry".

I hate the universal conviction that the girl needs to grab the first pants that are bad, and make these pants the pinnacle of the evolutionary chain, stuffed in the ass for me.

I Have had two marriages in which I was like.

the First marriage. Well, what a darling little money! After all, the most important of all love! But then it turns out that love can not eat and the apartment won't pay for, and loved one wants for some reason to invest in the total budget. At the slightest dissatisfaction about it — "Why you women are all materialistic and shallow? From me to you just need the money?" No, not only that, but they, too, because a favorite with a large appetite eats and loves to sit with friends in a nice fancy pub. And he is water, light and other blessings of civilization, not to mention the fact that our daughter also need to contain.

Moreover, the man is talented, but the "office slavery" was not for him, so the most he contributed to the family budget — some pennies with random halturki.

and I got divorced. Of course, I'm a greedy bitch who just have to milk the man dry and cast. And the fact that it didn't work, so that I'm not motivated by it and are not inspired. "Hygienia!" Go to the stump, dear mother-in-law. Inspire your kid yourself.

the Second marriage.

Here, scalded milk, when the wind blows on the water. No more poor students with a rich spiritual world. My new partner not only had a good job, but also extensive knowledge, and great sense of humor. But had Sheila in the ass and desire to please me in bed.

Well, will live without a new apartment and orgasms. And that millions of our compatriots live, and nothing.

But after 2 years I broke down because it was disgusting to return to his own house, the atmosphere which resembled some kind of toxic swamp of laziness and discouragement. And the daughter of the restless cheerful Tomboy turned into a dull turd.


this new marriage.

Long communicated at a distance, sometimes went to each other to visit, love, recognition, everything. We decide to move in together. Moving my daughter, because there is a quiet resort town, air, sea, all things, and I did not live in the most prosperous Ural province.

Agree on the terms. I can even now, but the man says that the move will only be after he will repair and re-furnish my apartment to, and I quote, "not be ashamed to bring my favorite girls."

the Move was delayed almost six months, but during this time I was sent photographs of Wallpaper, flooring, furniture and other things, and my task was to point a finger and say, "I Want this." Daughter unrolled lip on the hanging chair in the room? No question. I want a kitchen with a Breakfast bar? Great. Yeah, I wasn't trespassing, choosing only the most expensive — I still respect the fact that people spending a lot of money on furnishing our nest, but the fact that someone is making such a fuss, caused some unearthly delight.

Colleagues taunted that I picked out a boy with all the amenities. At first I was a little embarrassed that I told him, and then I thought — what jalapenos, exactly? Yes, she trapped him, Yes, with private facilities. You speak as if it were something bad. But actually — as it should be.

a year Later, after moving we got married and since then, I try to give each other the care and joy. Because I after many years, I understand that this is normal, harmonious relations, where not necessary from a bog to drag the hippopotamus — life should be a joy, not a dreary obligation.