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You really, mate, try at least a little respect

Zadolba!whether 11.07.2019 at 05:00

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Zadolbali I pushed the shaft is not clear from the argument that Russian tourists should behave abroad.

No, there is no mention of the fact that it is not necessary to litter and spit at his feet, say nasty things about others, they say, still do not understand, to steal the light bulbs in the hotel and shout "Tagil" from the window in the morning. There is being discussed the theme of "meet on clothes".

Say, the Russian abroad will recognize because they are wearing clothes that violate the rules of propriety. So I have to refrain men from shorts and women short skirts and open dresses, because, allegedly, there is a terrible bad manners and disrespect for others.

Dear authors of these opuses! The concept of "abroad" — the concept is very loose. And your attempts to pull on the whole world of rule, typical for the Orthodox Islamic countries, or, in extreme cases, the most conservative American States, or ultrametricity of Latin America, funny. I've been places. And let me tell you that in many countries the degree of openness of clothing that you think gives "available Natasha Russian" and "Russian redneck in shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops, out of which is sticking out beer belly" — it flowers in comparison with how the locals go guys and girls, just not bothered and putting on something comfortable and convenient.

Yeah, hanging out in shorts on Kabul or Tehran, I would not become. But neither I nor the locals I talked to, including on this topic, I see nothing to wear them in Prague, Budapest, Vienna, Berlin and many other European cities. Log in except in restaurants for high society, and in all other places it is in order, at least for visitors.

once my wife and I were standing on the steps of one of Prague's cathedrals and thinking about the next time to go to see, wearing more appropriate clothing. This conversation I heard a Minister of the Church, came to post some sort of announcement at the gate, and with a laugh — they say, the first Christians in General often had no clothes, no shoes, and you in shorts too shy to come — invited us inside and gave us a whole free tour.

So it is not necessary that this moralizing. Learn Russian, and often the style of clothes, but if they don't like, it is clearly not in manner of dress.