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People all shavaet

Zadolba!whether 11.07.2019 at 05:24

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Read "And immediately normally done". And in horror.

the Author did not understand. Yes, you can. And easily. Perhaps the buyer needs. But the trouble is, the seller unnecessarily. Competitive advantages indulgence every buyer does not. Even pandering to the mass of buyers offers advantages very seldom. And the author understands this, but somehow takes some installation from the socialist past that "on the Contrary, it is necessary NOT to do stuff at the beginning." Who "don't"? See, now all the business processes built on that to sell it "stuff at the beginning."

Not necessary to consider the owners of the cafes near the restaurant and cosmetic manufacturers idiots. Just for them to constantly "sell stuff" is a principle of survival. That way, you'll agree that the cakes have to do with butter in soda add natural syrups, and crab sticks crab to do. Maybe another sausage beef put? Gone are the days. Now the chain stores sold food for people, not human food. Because if you stop the food industry, some natural products the world will die of hunger.

has more People than natural foods. And dyes, fillers, flavorings, substitutes, regardless of identical whether they are natural, provide an opportunity to feed that many people so people were getting pleasure from it. If the product quality is above that segment, where it is sold, it should be lowered to that level. Red-and-white network no one will buy natural sausage. Even if you sell it for the price is the same as sausage a flavor enhancer. People expect the product for which came. Sausage with the taste of sausage, will be a surprise to them.

Also in the station cafe, no one will appreciate the refined cuisine. Because for visitors it is important to quickly and not poison. And the extra twenty minute wait while they prepared individual dish, they will not.

About cosmetics is another story. You yourself wrote that the manufacturer is interested to sell more cosmetics. Why should he do this, after which nothing would buy?

the point of the story — well, it is necessary to encourage producers to order to get them to do what the customer wants or what we need, not what brings profit. I lived in a world where milk was at 36 cents and sausage for 2.20, and 2.90. This is what the economic world was different and that not every trade should be profitable. It was necessary to produce a certain number of sausages with a certain composition. Some like, some don't.

But the system collapsed. And now a lot of sausage. But the same, but unspoiled — this VIP. Because the mass consumer will never buy it because it tastes bad. And cakes, unspoiled palm oil — VIP. And vegetables not tainted by fertilizers — VIP. They are not as bright and beautiful, will not be sold and gone. And beef is not tinted — the goods for everybody. You have beef, reared on the stern without additives, in the mass-market record. Or wine without sulphur dioxide. And suddenly sours, what is the expiration date on all bottles to reduce?

And in contrast to all the above, if you scroll on TV twice a day in Prime time commercials, will buy any garbage. Here it is on sale affected. And the lot of freaks, snobs and VIPs.