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Since stupid like tube children, their delay in the network

Zadolba!whether 11.07.2019 at 05:36

Angry look on the other side of the counter

And I pulled up the social network.

don't get me wrong, what they are is, in itself, is not annoying. What a lot of people like it "hang", does not concern me for sure. They like — I am happy for them, and he will manage somehow.

But when you all hook or by crook, begin to drag wherever you want — now that's annoying!

Friends. "And how do I know that you have a birthday, if you are me bestie was added? Which means no page in SS? It is necessary to start!" Who do you want? I no, I feel fine without the flow of feces in the feed and the need to constantly clean the "wall" comment is inadequate. And you, dear friend, absolutely are not allowed to know when my birthday, I have mentioned several times in the company that do not celebrate and do not want to celebrate this day. Yes, even postavschikami. "Well, you still need to have a page as more people learn about you?" I don't care! I need to be, those about me as they'll not live in caves, and the others-why me? And why do they want me?

on a job Interview. "You have not specified in the questionnaire your name on social media... What do you mean "I'm not there"? It can't be. You are probably trying to hide their accounts, then to write bad things about our wonderful company," — I heard this in different ways not once, not twice. Pretty in respected offices. Here is how I will prove to you that I have no "vkontaktika", "odnoklassnikov", "books", or some other heresy?! There is no all. I don't need to be there.

OK, I found the same work, where the statement: "I Have no profile in the VC", — shrugged and answered, "you would Have to open in VK we have a working group, you will need to see the overall negotiations." OK, the job requires — get, just an empty page with the name. A week begins — "Why your profile is still not filled? You need to fill it out for all to see that you are an employee of our esteemed company". Hmm, laaaaaate, free advertising, can understand. Fill the "place of work", hang in a prominent place a banner with symbols. Dismissal in a week. The reason — "you Have the profile as a bot, is empty and only the company data. You're ruining our image!". That's what it was, huh?

the Other company. Again required, this time You. The boss, seeing my old cell phone of the type "brick caller", shrugs his shoulders and gives me a brand new smart. Say, will be your workhorse, decide to quit — give with the uniform. In this smart I bought this for me before no one wanted it — they all had their own.

the People, what is wrong with you?! Really except in sotspomosch for you no life?


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