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And no headache!

Zadolba!whether 11.07.2019 at 11:12

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Well, Hello. I am the same specialist.

I Have a lot of regalia since the teaching profession (all of the employers was built in two months after school started and the first practice), prizes in professional competitions. And in the coffin, I saw the absence of leadership. Why? Because I want to be a specialist in one — his favorite — business. That's why I won't order components, personally delving into the logistics — warehouse softina automatically show ended, and warehouse workers will make ordering.

If I broke the soldering iron — I'll just go to the quartermaster and get a new one. Yes, for 150 thousand. Just take it, and I'm not going to mess about and fix. Know, practice, but, as they say, time is money, I don't need the downtime. I also have a headache how to hold a normal electrician to a seedy point on the radio, one of many with a sign "repair ajfonov" how not to be afraid to leave there normal electron microscope on weekend, etc. I'm not worried that there will be after 18:00, I just get up, turn off the devices and go home. I have no "bread" and "passing" time, my day is loaded evenly, and if you want to stay on the job, you get for the first two hours-half a bet, then double all of the TC. By the way, we have a lot of former "campers" who traded the instability of free swimming guaranteed salary, bonuses and benefits.

Yes, maybe if you're tripping and to generate a client base, to solve the org. the questions then would be more money. But then the beloved will be less work and more headaches. And most importantly — will not only of my personal time. In addition to the work in life still have a family, Hobbies and a lot of interesting.

Yeah, I'm great, without exaggeration, a specialist, and that is why I prefer to leave work at work. I'm ready to "pay tribute" for what other people decide for me questions to which I spit with a high steeple, and throw in creative projects, where you can break down. And how many are willing to give you the most pleasant thing in the world feeling — feeling free from unnecessary worries head? How much is the admission to great and interesting, often block projects?

I think that my time and my curiosity cost more than the amount that I am supposed to lose.