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Convicts calling

Zadolba!whether 11.07.2019 at 11:24

Angry look on the other side of the counter

There were a lot of zadolbali about the division of housework, and I think I know the answer — we all have different ideas about the order in the house.

Me the examples are not far to seek — I have a family in which every member of your vision, as you need to farm.

We are a family of two sisters. I'm a Junior.

the Elder maniac of cleanliness. That to me is almost cleaning for her daily routine. Is washing the floor and all horizontal surfaces, bathroom fixtures and faucets. Yes, every day. Yes, after work.

And on weekends Orgy of cleaning, when penetrated, clean and iron everything that is in the house.

Laundry service — a single song. Despite the presence of cars, at first it is soaked and then is sent into the bowels of the machine. Then hung, dried and proslejivaetsya several times on each side, even the underwear and socks.

I if necessary to brush away the dust on the week and on Saturdays doing a full (by my standards) cleaning.

With the washing is also not particularly worried — slung, hung out, dried, ironed half a shirt, the rest is just folded, because I wear mostly jeans and knitwear. And bed linen, as grandma says, "f* * * yourself out".

the Husband washes the floors and mirrors, I do the rest.

We live with average men and guess who among us are the least happy in the marriage?

the Correct answer is older. The husband believes her efforts redundant. This simple "kopeck piece" in days to sacralise to the state of the pigsty? So he does to maintain order exactly what he wants, and sister-in-law then complains to me that her husband does not help. I have advised her to keep up with the guy and not to bother herself, but she could not: "the house should not be not a speck of dust!"

What happens when you have kids? I already have a son. And honestly — I was not spending it on cleaning the frantic hours while sitting in the decree. When he was very young, then Yes, I washed the floor every day, especially when the baby began to crawl. Had to take this job, while her husband was at work. And while all the cleaning and other household chores took two hours, including cooking dinner. The rest of the time I played and walked with the child, read books and doing other enjoyable things.

Because I long ago decided for myself that my husband needs a happy wife and mother, but not sterile conditions.

So, dear zadolbali, think, maybe you are too eager to take over household chores, many of which do not require so much attention?