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Half an hour a day, fed

Zadolba!whether 11.07.2019 at 11:36

Angry look on the other side of the counter

My zadolbali small and specific.

I'm a student. The first pair in high school I start at 8:30. Like all students, I sometimes need something to print: the seminar, independent coursework or spurs for the exam. To buy the printer I do not want too much fuss with cartridges, and in the hostel where every square meter counts, just not enough space. So I use the services of fast printing. Near my uni there are two.

now the most interesting. Both of these services open at 8:30. At the same time, when couples start at the University. That is, if I need to print something right before the first pair, such possibility at me is not.

You say, print in the evening, the day before the pair. But not always there is such possibility. Print runs up to 17 hours, I'm usually on a part-time job and come home by six and then do my homework. No printing at this time is not working.

What do I do? I get up at seven in the morning to go through half a block to a single print, which opens at eight. There I quickly printed material and run to school. This print goes practically all University and turns out there is facing the street, but the service there is fast. I can only imagine how much profit they get every day, opening for just half an hour before the competition.

Zadolbali? No. So you should be. No wonder you're renting a building right opposite the University, are in decline. You are always empty and the prices are inflated to the heavens. But we will continue to bring profit to the press, which had the presence of mind to adapt to the target audience and understand what is necessary for students. Postoyte and then, just can't put two and two together and come to work thirty minutes early.

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