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Noise, brother, make noise!

Zadolba!whether 12.07.2019 at 05:00

Angry look on the other side of the counter

I Have another office Sadovaya.

Here sits Peter is a humble young man. Peter is friendly, never arguing with raised voices and talking pretty quiet — shy.

And here is a cute girl Masha. Masha loves to laugh over a good joke, but her ringing girlish laughter does not bother anyone. Masha do the girl slender and airy.

And that Maryvanna. It Maryvanna all day long communicating with most clients. To relax, Maryvanna in her free-time sitting in the full radio silence, avoiding any personal conversations and answering in monosyllables workers.

the Quiet company?

But what is it?

CLACKCLACKCLACK! This is Peter herachit on the keyboard. It herachit. Always.

CRRRRRRAZY! This Masha boldly slaps the stapler with the palm. Every time. She never takes it in hand.

URIJAH! CRACK. It Maryvanna goes to the Desk drawer. She can't just open up. Always wide open. Always swinging.

Me somebody explain how a benevolent, friendly, charming people can produce so much (!) noise?

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