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Your lineup lacks several divisions of the

Zadolba!whether 12.07.2019 at 05:24

Angry look on the other side of the counter

To Be pretty cool! How lucky you are with the figure! You can eat whatever you want!

Yes, I agree, to be tall and slim-very nice. With the figure I'm really lucky — genes. But the beauty and natural luck it all ends.

I can't find normal clothes your own size!

Like bones don't stick out, dystrophy I do not suffer, do not puke after every meal, that there was a reason to be treated, I look normal, there is urgent to gain weight I have. But apparently, clothing manufacturers don't think so, because to find the infamous XS-S, aka 40-42/32-34 is almost impossible. Even if the label I see my size, in fact in the dressing room you find yourself dressed in something balahonistyh, with long sleeves and no waist.

speaking of waist, slender girls also have a form, so the option of purchasing clothes in the children's Department doesn't always work. Drop the style, but children's blouse I size also does not fit — there is not provided the chest. Pants do not stretch on my butt, but if stretched, it will hang the airship in the waist because they're just fat kid with a gun to the ass goes the belly.

somehow I even find coats and jackets, and underwear is no problem, blouses and dresses are made-to-order, but what do I do with sweaters, knit to order?

All everywhere shout, as need to be slim and with forms, but only such as will have to go naked!

I'm sad to go shopping with a friend who wears size M, she is so many things at any price, that cry with envy like.

to get Fat for the clothes you do not want, and to do it nicely, you have to spend a lot of time to build muscles. Just want to see in the dimension line clothes at all.

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