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No, no really! Died — died

Zadolba!whether 12.07.2019 at 11:12

Angry look on the other side of the counter

I am a chemistry teacher with 13 years of experience. Twice winner of the regional contest "Teacher of the year" and letters of thanks and diplomas I wall papered over. The wall end faster.

Students — winners of school Olympiads and different competitions.

And I quit.

No, the children and their parents at anything — with them I have there was virtually no conflicts. And the thing is the new requirements of school management to the appearance and behavior of teachers.

I quote:

"Their appearance and behaviour of pedagogical worker of MOU SOSH n N must demonstrate outstanding teaching standards and be an example for the students.


Not allowed:

Wearing in working and non-working time, frivolous, and extravagant youth clothing — jeans, t-shirts, sportswear, swimwear, short shorts and skirts, clothes in bright colors, sneakers, running shoes, shoes with high heels, piercings (except for earrings, no more than one pair), colorful decoration.

Wearing hairstyles that do not meet the status of a teacher.

the Presence of pedagogical workers in fast food outlets (fast food chains, ice cream shops).

the Presence of teachers in swimming pools, sports halls, city beaches, concerts, rock music, exhibitions of so-called modern ("abstract") art.

the pedagogical Presence of female employees in public places with men who are not their spouses or other relatives (if it is not provided the professional activity of a teacher)".

in Other words, we're not allowed to live a normal human life — and that's not the whole list. Well at least for the teacher of physical education made an exception. The rest — no, no. To the Park with my children and grandchildren walk in the suits, after all, kids can see this!

On the question of a teacher like her to walk around the house, if her children are studying in the same school (that is, it is their obscene view in a homemade t-shirt and sweat pants will injure the psyche of students), the Director just threw up his hands

Three of them wrote a statement on the same day. Me and a couple of teachers over the next weeks. That is, left half of the teachers are under the age of 40 years.

But I wrote here only in the middle of July because all of a sudden — who would have thought! — the school missed no one to lead chemistry, history and several other disciplines. Including physical education, Yes.

Called the Director and demanded to return to work because "the School needs you! Do not only think about yourself!" Thanks, I see how the school needs us. I'm thirteen years of almost no thought, so thank you for the opportunity to review his life.

hunger I will not die in September of this year, I and two of my colleagues start working in a private high school, where leadership, learning about the reasons for our dismissal, he wagged his finger at his temple. For some reason, children from rich families anyway, that teacher in his spare time wearing jeans, eating sweets and talking with friends.

Well, plus tutoring, of course. For beloved disciples, our credibility and our merit is more important than who and how we spend our time outside of school.

I'll be honest — I have no regrets. I absolutely do not regret our native education, which has gone straight to hell.

there is the place.

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